Owl Art

My friend was redoing her son’s room to a transportation theme. I thought the four truck pictures in Isaac’s room would go perfect in that room so I gave them to her. It left a big, open wall for me to redecorate. Of course I wanted to do something on the cheap so I decided to make my own “owl art.”
Owls are the rage right now. I see them on shirts, pants, purses, and bags. I decided I wanted my owl to be chunky. 🙂

IMG_0588 I started by scouring my garage for pieces of wood that would work for the project. After I found the one that I thought would work the best for the body I drew an outline of an owl on it. I cut it out with a jigsaw and sanded all the rough edges with my palm sander.

View owl cut out

Then using some shapes I made I traced those out onto some old paneling I had and cut those with the jigsaw. I sanded the edges smooth and laid them down to see how they looked.IMG_0476 After giving the pieces a coat of primer I painted all the edges a chocolate brown since that was the only part you would see.

IMG_0524 Next I gathered up a bunch of scrapbook papers that coordinated well with Isaac’s bedding and started a Mod Podge party. I used a sanding block on the edges and then I used some watered down stain to give it some aging.


IMG_0526For the owl face I ripped up some scrapbook paper, stained the papers edge and slathered them with some Mod Podge and glued them in place. IMG_0580 Then I freehand cut a scalloped edge for the owl’s belly and layered them one on top of the other gluing them down with Mod Podge.

IMG_0530IMG_0527 For the owl’s eyes I cut out two different sized circles and glued one on top of the other. I used Shimmer Mod Podge for the eyes to give it more sparkle. Then I used Glow in the Dark Mod Podge for the nose. DID YOU KNOW THERE ARE THAT MANY MOD PODGE FLAVORS?!?! Rock my world Miss Mod Podge Rocks! Later I added googlie eyes because he didn’t look complete.IMG_0535 After I had all the pieces in place I sealed the whole thing with some Matte Mod Podge and used a feather stroke with my foam brush to give it a little texture.


Then using some strawish wrapped wire I got at Michael’s a while ago I made some owl talons. After later research I realized owls have four toes…but roll with it people…it is a kid’s room. I may change it later if it drives me crazy.

View feet

Using an electric drill I made two holes in the bottom and using Gorilla Glue stuck the wire in place and let it dry for an hour.IMG_0538 I touched up the sides of all the pieces with my paint and then used my Gorilla Wood Glue to glue the wings, eyes, and nose in place.IMG_0529I added saw tooth hangers on the back and we were in business.

All the supplies I had on hand except for the scrapbook paper. They were on sale 5 for $1 at Joann’s last week so the whole project cost me around $2. That is art the Infarrantly Creative way.IMG_0581