Outdoor Deck Lighting

I spent so much time stripping and staining our deck, updating our outdoor furniture, and creating a nice ambiance out there with our firepit table but when the kids would go to bed and Tim and I would sit out there the outdoor patio light was harsh and bright.  So I decided to add some deck lighting with some rope lights from Lowes to create a relaxing environment in the evenings.


I purchased the Utilitech 48 foot Clear Incandescent Rope Light for $52.98 from Lowes. It comes with plastic clips in the package.  So with my cordless drill, I got to attaching all the little clips underneath the deck rails.



I had to drill a hole through the rail to accommodate the cord and also had to drill through the deck and unscrew some of the deck boards to fish the cord through to the outlet.


Then we just snapped the lights into the clips.  The best part is that we added a handheld transmitter and plugin receiver to the rope light so we can just click a button and the lights come on.  It said it was made for indoors but our outdoor outlet has a waterproof cover on it so we felt safe using it.  All you need to do is plug the lights into the transmitter and the remote automatically detects it.  For only $18 it beats having to plug in the lights each time we want to use them.

It looks so pretty at night when it is dark and just the rope light lights up our deck.



Can I tell you how excited I am to be outdoors again?  I love the warm weather!

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Dlsclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  As part of the Lowes Creative Ideas network, I was provided a gift card to help purchase these supplies.  All opinions are 100% IC.