Origami Gift Bag

I looked all over the web for the origami gift bag instructions for the Mini Boo Bag I made yesterday. I thought it would be way easier to point you in that direction rather than to write out a long tutorial. However, I could not find a single tutorial. Since it would take me hours to write one out I thought I would do a Vlog instead.

IMG_0559 So bear with me, this is what I look like after a long day at home with the kids…

These are just the right size for the “boo bags” because they are small and only fit a few candy bars in it. I am cheap like that so I thought it was perfect.

I typed out the Boo poem in a “Halloweenish” font and singed the edges with a lighter to make it spookalicious.

IMG_0544 Then I put in eight small fun size candy bars and put the poem inside and off we went on another “boo-venture.”

I am pretty certain I am having more fun than Isaac. Did you hear me giggle at the end??? I am such a kid.