Organizing Paper

Are any of you buried underneath a pile of papers?  I, for one, am the queen of paper piles.  I usually have one on the counter and one on the end table next to the couch.  If I was really unorganized I would also have one on the kitchen table. There were bills, school papers, flyers, coupons, and receipts everywhere. I am so tired of paper everywhere and finally heard about a system for organizing papers that might work for me.

tame the paper clutter

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I lead a Moms group at my church and at our last meeting we had a round table discussion on a few topics -one of which was organization.  One of the moms suggested a filing box for all the household papers.  I pondered it for about a week imagining if it would work for me and where I would store it, etc.  Well I decided to give it a whirl and see if it will get me any closer to have a system that works.

organizing papers

I bought a cute teal file box from Target for $13.39. There were only 6 folders in it so if you don’t have any hanging (pun totally intended!) around you will need to purchase more.  You will need hanging file tabs too.  I chose this one because a) it was cute b) I liked the color c) because the top of the box flipped up to store pens, pencils, highlighters and things to make organizing easier.

file box supplies

I created a Silhouette studio file for the file tabs and “{organize}” vinyl for the front.  I did this because you can’t tell which is the front or the back since they look so similar.  If you want the files, click here to download them.  Keep in mind you will need to install Lobster Two font to view it.

organizing papers

family file box

I have a tab for the kids and myself — my hubby doesn’t seem to have papers I guess.  One for bills, to do, receipts, coupons/ads and taxes.  I may add one for mail and medical reimbursements, we shall see.  But I think this might work.

organizing papers 2

So have you tamed the paper clutter?  I would love to hear what you have found to work for your family.