Organizing Measuring Cups and Spoons

I am always searching for measuring cups and/or spoons.   I think I have about 5 sets and none of them are complete.   I am always in search of the perfect organization for my measuring cups.   So when I was perusing Pinterest I came upon this brilliant idea from Family Handyman and decided to give it a whirl…with an IC spin on it of course.

organizing measuring cups and spoons (6)



Measuring Cups and spoons

3/4” cup hooks

two 5-gallon paint sticks

4 wood screws

Spray paint and primer

miter box and saw

fine sanding sponge

electric drill and drill bits

1.   I asked my local Home Depot for some 5-gallon paint sticks and they gladly gave me several.   These are the perfect rails to hang some cup hooks on because they are solid wood and they are FREE!

5 gallon paint sticks

2.   I cut these to size cutting off the handle part with the miter box and handsaw.


3.   I sanded each stick to give it a smooth surface that was ready to be painted.   Next I spray primed and painted the sticks.   With my electric drill I predrilled my holes through the sticks so the wood wouldn’t split when I screwed it into my cabinet.5 gallon stir sticks

4.   Then I screwed the rails into place making sure I had enough clearance from the shelves and the bottom of the cabinet.

5.   Next I screwed the cup hooks in place making sure there was enough room in between cups/spoons.

Organizing Measuring Cups and Spoons (8)

6.   Because I just couldn’t stop there I applied vinyl to mark where each spoon/cup goes.   Perfect!

organizing measuring cups and spoons (4)

Organizing Measuring Cups and Spoons (21)

I hope this system works.   It seems like I have a better chance of keeping them organized this way. Tossing them in a drawer just wasn’t working for me…the junk drawer monsters were eating them.

Note: After a day of clanging stainless steel cups and spoons I switched to plastic to reduce the noise.

organizing measuring cups and spoons (7)

organizing measuring cups and spoons (6)

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