Organization Idea

I have those white cube organizers from Target. They are on sale every other week. I am sure you have seen them. They have the cute fabric covered drawers that slide in them. Isaac’s playroom has 4 sets of them with red, blue, grey, green, yellow and orange drawers. Isaac would never take the drawers out. It was like he thought they were a part of the furniture. Even though I would take them out and show him the contents he just didn’t get it through his 20 month old brain. So I thought of an idea. I took pictures of everything in the drawers and printed them, laminated them, hole punched them, and then attached rings to the front of the drawer pull. Now he will actually go pull the card up so he can view it and decide if he wants to play with the contents. Wahla… problem solved.

This week we have been working on putting away the toy in the drawer it belongs before he gets out a new toy. I am tired of every night putting away every toy he owns. He is slowly getting the concept. These tags definitely help the process.

I realize where he gets his bad habit. I am the queen of cooking and not putting a single thing away until I am all done and then I make a mad dash to clean everything up. Same way when I do art projects I don’t put one thing away until I have a finished project, then I have to spend an hour cleaning everything up.

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