Yah… not so much!

Ok why my brain thinks like this I will never know. We were hanging roller shades the other day and we had left over brackets. I saw it and throught, “Maybe I can cut off part of this and use it as a necklace pendant.” Yes, odd I know. So with my trusty heavy duty metal cutters I cut off the bracket part that you screw into the wall. With a metal file I rounded the edges.

Then I ended up with something that looked like this. I thought I could use one of my favorite mediums – resin; and fill the trough with it. I also scratched it up so it didn’t look so perfect.

So I got my resin and mica powders out. I mixed the resin according package directions and then added some mica powders to make pink and copper resin.

Then I taped the back so I could pour resin in the little hole in the middle. Now here is where it did not quite work out like I had envisioned in my head. HA HA! So I filled the small hole with the coppery color. But I did not let it dry. I thought I could pour the pink without touching the copper. WRONG! So they kind of mixed together and just kind of swirled a little.

So this is what I ended up with. Definitely not what I wanted. But what kind of artist would I be without showing you my flops? So here is my flop. I have no idea what I will do with it. It will probably go in my bin labeled found objects/ephemera.

O-well it was worth a try.