Colored Nuts and Bolt Necklace

I love jewelry as evidenced by my massive in-the-wall jewelry cabinet I just built.  Whenever I happen to shower and do my hair (you know…like every 3rd day—{giggle} I make sure to have earrings and a necklace on.  I like wearing unique pieces and this nuts & bolts necklace can be changed out to accommodate any color outfit one wears.

nuts and bolts necklace




Silver chain

Jump rings (2)

Lobster clasp

Magnetic closure (you will only use one half of the closure)

various colors of spray paint

jeweler’s pliers

Spray Primer

100 grit sandpaper

Loctite Sup Lowes. er Glue – Ultra Gel Control

1.  I purchased my nuts and bolts in the hardware section at There are many sizes available.  Pick the size you like best.

nuts bolts necklace

2.  I lightly sanded the bolts to give it a little tooth for the paint to stick too.  I spray primed and then spray painted the nuts in various colors.  I let them dry for a few days to make sure they were fully dry before I touched them.

hardware necklace

spray painted bolts

3.  Meanwhile I used the Loctite Super Glue to adhere the magnetic closure to the top of the bolt.

bolt necklace

4.  I added a jump ring to that and then cut the length of chain to the size I wanted and added a jump ring and lobster clasp to that.


5.  Then just screw on the colored nuts you want to wear for the day and you are done.

metallic nuts necklace

This would make an inexpensive gift and you could make a dozen different colored nuts as part of the gift.

colored nuts and bolt necklace

A quick change of the colored nuts completely changes the look of the necklace.

nuts and bolts

colored nuts necklace

Super quick, super inexpensive and super clever – right up this DIY girl’s alley.