Notched Keys

Do you have more than one key on your keychain that you can never tell apart?  keys Most of the time men are most guilty of not marking their keys.  Women have less of a hard time blinging out our keys.  We don’t mind having a keychain that looks like this…IMG_0701 After all, everything on my keychain is essential…

Little Zipper Pouch — Carries $2 in quarters each week for Isaac’s allowance.  Most of the time my 4 year-old son likes to spend his allowance money on gumball machines.  So this little pouch is gold to me.

Car Keys and Car Clicker — Yes both of these are important.  My hubby doesn’t like the bulk of car clickers in his pocket so he does not carry one.  I think he is nutso to have to use his key rather than click when he wants his car door open.

Shoppers Club Cards — I don’t need to tell you the value of these.  If you go to Kroger without one you are overpaying.

Fabric Keychain Fob — (tutorial here).  I make these all the time and every woman I give it to uses theirs.  No more lost keys when I have them around my wrist.

Keychain Wallet (tutorial here).  This is not only adorable but it keeps all my gift cards and extra shoppers cards not used as often as the ones on my keychain. (Sally Beauty Supply, Library, Flower Factory, Dollar Tree, etc.)

Ok back to the point of this post…

So you have three keys on your keychain that are the same.  So every time you go to open the door you fiddle around trying to figure out which one is the correct one.IMG_0693 Take a metal file and make a notch into the keys.  That way when you fiddle around you can feel the notches and know which one is which.  It takes about 5 minutes and it never wears off.IMG_0697 IMG_0695 I left one key without any notches, one key with one notch, and one key with two notches.  Think of a way to remember it and now you can tell the difference.IMG_0699

IMG_0700 How do you tell the difference between similar keys?