No Sew Tote Bag {Get Out That Glue Gun!}

Hello, it’s Carmel from Our Fifth House and I’m back today with a fun, super simple project that will make use of any fabric scraps you have leftover from other projects.   But don’t worry, for any of you who don’t know how to sew, all you need is a hot glue gun for this fabric craft! This no sew tote bag is great for toting around coloring books, crayons, markers or other little treasures your child has.
no sew tote bag {get out your glue gun}

This no sew tote bag is so easy to make, you could easily make 10 of them in less than an hour!  They’re so great for little girls and would make darling gift bags for a birthday party!
All you need is a few supplies………..most of which you probably already have on hand, like some fabric scraps, ribbon or trim (for straps), a hot glue gun and fabric scissors.  Last but not least, the one supply that really makes this tote bag look nice and polished are fabric eyelets (I used the 7/16″ size) and an eyelet tool, which you can find at your local craft store.  You’ll use these to make holes for your straps.
DIY no sew tote back
Start by folding your fabric in half and deciding how big you want your tote to be. Then make sure to add an inch or two to the length and width to make up for the seams before you cut your fabric.  Where your fabric folds will be the bottom of your tote, so you’ll only be “sewing” the sides and the top with your hot glue gun.
no sew bag

Fold down the top and hot glue to create a finished seam around the top of your bag.

DIY no sew bag

Then fold the fabric so that the right sides are together and hot glue down both sides to fuse the fabric together.

no sew tote

This step is optional, but it really does give the bag a nice finished look.  Fold the top down again and hot glue all the way around the top of the bag.

hot glue gun bag

Then once the hot glue is cool and your seams are sealed, turn your bag right side out to attach the eyelets.  At this point your bag is done, the sides are “sewn” together with hot glue, and all you need to do is attach your straps.

no sew bag

Place your eyelets and use the point of your scissors to mark where you need to make a little hole.

DIY no sew tote

There are two pieces, one goes on the outside and one goes on the inside.  The picture below explains which piece goes where.

DIY no sew book bag

I recommend using an old cutting board underneath to protect your work surface.  You will need to hammer pretty forcefully to set the eyelet.

no sew backpack
Once you’ve attached two eyelets on each side of your tote, you can use ribbon, rope or trim for the straps.  You just thread your straps through the eyelet holes and your bag is done!  I used some pom pom fringe for a fun look!
no sew tote
diy tote with hot glue
This bag is so great for my girl to carry around her reading book, coloring books, crayons, pencils…….you know the necessities an 8 year old girl has to have with her at all times.  It’s really durable too and since I used a fabric scrap to put it together it didn’t cost me a thing!   It was so easy to make, I decided to use a piece of an old throw rug to make her another.
pink hot glue tote
She’s loving her new tote bags…………..and I love that I don’t have piles of books and colored pencils on the floor of my car.  😉
I honestly don’t know what I’d do without my hot glue gun!  I recently made a faux roman shade with my trusty glue gun as well!  Someday I’ll learn how to sew………but for now, my hot glue gun is getting the job done!