No Place Like Home Frame

I love traveling. There is something exhilarating about visiting another part of the country.  We have lived all over (Illinois, Delaware, Georgia, Virginia, California, Washington, and now Indiana).  Each part of the country has its unique charm and appeal. 

As much as I enjoy traveling, I believe in a few clichés. 

1. Home is where your heart is…(and for a number of years I believed…home is where your mom is 🙂


2. There is no place like home. 

Nothing thrills my heart more than arriving home after a little time away.  I take a lot of pride in my home and creating a place where my family, as Dorothy, can say, “there is no place like home.”


Do you want to know how I made it?


Plastic High Heeled Shoes from Dollar Tree

Mod Podge or any White Glue

Fine Red Glitter

8 x 10 picture frame

Red Paint

Small Paint brush

Hot Glue Gun

Triple Thick Glaze or other glossy sealant (optional)


I saw these darling high heeled plastic shoes in the wedding section while I was visiting my local Dollar Tree last week. IMG_1151 I had no idea what I wanted to do with them, but I threw them in my cart anyway.  I pondered and pondered and thought the shoes looked a lot like Dorothy’s ruby red slippers in one of my all-time favorite childhood movies, “The Wizard of Oz.”


I decided to use these shoes to make some ruby red slippers.  I had some Krylon Cherry Red spray paint in my garage so I sprayed the shoes with that.  However, you can use any red craft paint you might have and just brush it on.IMG_1201Use a thick-ish coat of Mod Podge and spread it on your red shoe.  I didn’t put any on the inside of the shoe because I didn’t want glitter in it.IMG_1202 Then sprinkle some fine glitter on the Mod Podge.IMG_1204 Let it dry and then shake off the excess glitter.

IMG_1207If you have some sort of sealant or clear nail polish it wouldn’t hurt to coat it in that.  That will avoid red glitter from shedding everywhere down the road.  I coated mine with Krylon’s Triple Thick Crystal Clear Glaze.

Grab an 8 x 10 frame from the Dollar Tree if you don’t have one on hand.  I had an old one already that I spray painted Krylon’s Black spray paint. Then using your hot glue gun glue the shoes in place.  You can use another glue if you would like but I think the hot glue works just fine. IMG_1219 And you are done.  Now to fill your frame the possibilities are endless.

I simply printed out “There’s No Place Like Home.” in a Fineliner Script from on a piece of white cardstock.  Then I used double sided stick tape to mount some patterned cardstock with our picture on top of that. I know that picture is ancient…we are getting professional family ones done this Friday.

IMG_1236IMG_1252 IMG_1234 This is on the console table right near my front door.  It is a great reminder of what I hope my family will say about our house.