Newbie in Town

Hello peeps! I have great news. It is super, fantastic, amazing news!

After 20 months on the market my mom and step dad sold their house in Atlanta and have moved here! She is now a 10-minute drive away from me. So this week the moving trucks came and unloaded all their stuff and they are officially moved in.

They are buried in boxes but they are in the same town. Yippeee!!! Free babysitting….SCORE! Plus my mom is a semi pack rat so she is unloading all her “extras” on me. YEAH, free stuff!
So I have been helping her make sense of her new surroundings and helping to unload and shift things around. I also have been reminding her that six crock pots is too many, and when she isn’t looking I toss one in the “giveaway” pile. Fun! Fun!

I have not lived near my mom in 14 years. Then the grandbabies came along and she wanted to be closer. Those of you who have family close by know what a blessing it is to have that support. I am super thrilled and blessed beyond measure.