Naughty or Nice T-Shirt

My kids didn’t have any Christmas shirts so I thought it would be fun to make some.   I started out with my son’s shirt first.   If you know Isaac you know he can be the sweetest, most tender-hearted child in the world.   Then there are times when he is a stinker!!! I decided to make him a naughty or nice shirt since he wavers between the two in any given period of 5 minutes….

naughty or nice shirt

Using my Silhouette machine I designed the layout of what I wanted on the shirt.   I used the scroll_0711 image from their online store.   Then I used the Santa Sleigh font from for the naughty and nice words.


Using red and white heat transfer material I mirrored the images and then cut out the scroll first, followed by the words.

I got him a plain green t-shirt from Target.


Then I got my iron and a press cloth out and started ironing on the cut designs.   I did the scroll list first and then the “naughty or nice.”




Then I cut out two 3/4” x 3/4” squares out of chalkboard fabric.   To keep them in place while I sewed I used some Scotch 77 spray adhesive because I did not want pin holes through the chalkboard fabric.



Then with my sewing machine I sewed the little pieces of chalkboard fabric in place.


Then using some Chalk Markers I put a checkmark next to the “appropriate box.”


When the mood strikes I can use a wet wipe to wipe off the check mark and change boxes.



naughty or nice shirt