My Top Ten Ten Minutes

Do you take time out for you?  As a busy mom it is hard to take that time to just relax and focus on yourself.  We feel selfish and remember the bazillion other things that need to be done.  What would you do with ten, silent, uninterrupted minutes devoted to take care of you?

If I have ten minutes to refresh and renew here is what I would do (in no particular order).

1.  Take a bubble bath (with some intoxicating baby bombs from LUSH).

2.  Read a magazine (Family Fun, MS Living, PB catalogs, Ballard Designs, House Beautiful).

3.  Get a pedicure (please can I have more than 10 minutes though!).

4.  Get my eyebrows threaded (weird I know but I feel like a woman again after my caterpillars eyebrows are under control).

5.  Enjoy a massage.

6.  Eat a DQ Blizzard (mild obsession gaining ground here)

7.  Paint (I really enjoy the fumes…just kidding).

8.  Blog Surf (you guys really do inspire me and help renew my creative spirit).

9.  Anything with my hubby (I just love being with him and can’t get enough of him).

10. Bask in the sun (because ten minutes is seriously all my red-headed, fair skinned self can take).

What is your top ten?

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