My String of Thoughts for the Day

I made this for a dear friend’s (Chandra) daughter (Kaiahna) in Vancouver. It was for a young girl who is in ballet. I actually stole the idea off the show, “That’s Clever.” It was super easy. I made it a while ago. In the picture I can see my cabinet and countertop from my old house in Camas. Sniff! Sniff!

Here in the link to the tutorial if you are interested.,,HGTV_3256_5435341,00.html

Speaking of old house. I am in fall mode which means APPLE SEASON. I have currently canned 14 jars of applesauce. I made them with Yellow Delicious apples, some are cinammon and some are plain. Another dear friend in Vancouver, Delores taught me how to can applesauce last season. And now I am addicted. But what kills me is I HAD TO BUY APPLES. All the while I am thinking about my two Jonagold apple trees in Camas that made THE BEST applesauce. So all of you Vancouver bloggers…go to my old house and pick some apples for me. I still own the house right now so have at it. And pick one for me.

I am going to make apple pie filling this next week. I was thinking of making them for Christmas gifts and attaching some sort of cute bag with apple crisp ingredients. We’ll see how that goes.

And lastly here is the bracelet I just finished for one of my grandma’s for Christmas. It is all colorful and sparkly when the light hits it. I hope she likes it. We are celebrating Christmas with her on Thanksgiving so she can wear it all season.

Oh and tomorrow is the Group Link event at our church (AKA…the way you get plugged into home groups) so we are going to find a new home group tomorrow. I am still missing my home group from the Couv…here they are. Mind you all the girls look puffy because it was our last home group before we moved and there were a few shed tears. But I love these girls!

How is that for random thoughts!?