My Splurges

My friend Lula decided to share on things she splurges and scrimps on. I am not one to splurge so this post may be short. I may have to write another post on all the things I scrimp on – actually that would be a novel, nevermind. But on to my Top 8 guilty pleasures… (which most of you are going to think are lame and should not be considered “guilty pleasures”)

1. Behr Paint from Home Depot – I love to paint. In fact once my house is all painted I will come to your house and paint – seriously! I love how for minimal dough you can change the look of your room. However Behr paint is not the cheapest on the market. At $27 a gallon that is ALOT of money for this cheap girl. You would think I would switch and buy Walmart’s paint and just paint many coats to cover. But this is one thing I don’t go cheap on. Go Behr or go home!

2. Mrs. Butterworth’s Syrup – mind you I buy it when it is on sale. However I will NEVER buy Log Cabin or any other nasty wanna-be generic Mrs. Butterworth. Mrs. Butterworth and her pretty little dress bottle will always grace my shelves.

3. Sonicare Toothbrush – you would think with the 20 free toothbrushes I manage to score monthly I would switch. But nothing says clean like your mouth after a Sonicare brushing.

4. Starbucks Coffee – ok first let me tell you I hate coffee, period. However my husband is a coffee snob ever since we lived in the coffee mecca of the world – The Pacific Northwest. So although it is not my splurge I do break open the cobwebs in my wallet and purchase this to keep my man happy.

5. Frozen Kiwi Lemonade from Applebees – I grew up getting the opportunity to go out to eat often enough. One rule of thumb my mom always made us stick to was that we HAD to drink water when we go out to eat. However when we go out to Applebees I have to have a frozen Kiwi Lemonade with the free refill of course. It is like $3.99 which is a HUGE splurge for me. Any other restaurant – water all the way. Unless of course my dad is in town and he is treating 🙂

6. Bounty Paper Towels Select-A-Size – This really is all LeeAnn’s fault. She told me how wonderful they were. I knew they were more expensive than the generic brand I used before but I had a coupon one day and got sucked in. Now no other full size paper towel will do.

7. Hostess Cupcakes – at a mere $3 a box it isn’t exactly what I call a splurge but I have to have them. I literally could eat the whole box in one sitting easy. I love them. I used to hide them from my husband and then I went to counseling. That is a story for another post.

8. Glad Press N Seal – I will blame this one on my dear mother-in-law who is another cheap-o. She told me how wonderful it was and how she had a coupon and got sucked in and now she must buy it. Ok seriously this stuff rocks, especially if you do a lot of freezer meals. I spit on any other plastic wrap.

Now onto the things I REALLY want to splurge on:

1. I want a nice, big soaker tub. I had one in my house in Washington and was spoiled. I took a bath at least 5 nights week. I am saving my pennies to get one in my new house. It doesn’t even have to have jets in it. I just want something big enough to cover my body with water. I love relaxing with a good book and a good bath. Pure Bliss!

2. A kiln – I would love to have one of these to work with PMC clay, fused glass, and pottery. My husband thinks I have enough “craft addictions” that this might push me over the edge.

3. A Cricut – This is the latest and greatest in the scrapbook world. It was on sale last week at Joanns for $169 and I almost did it. It can cut any shape you want provided you have the cartridge. That is where they get ya. At about $90 retail per cartridge that would drive me to the poor house.

4. All the Marvy Punches in all the shapes and sizes. Dreamy!

Your turn, what do you splurge on?