My Special Day

One of the bennies of having Isaac two years ago is now I get to add another day to the list of “it’s-all-about-me” days. I love the two days a year that are dedicated to spoiling me. I try and stretch my birthday to at least a week and my sweet husband usually will oblige. He puts his foot down when I try to claim the whole month of August, tee-hee. Well yesterday was fantastic. It started earlier than I would have liked due to our power going out and a crazy rainstorm. However, daddy took Isaac to church early and I went to make some money at CVS (2 Viactiv Vitamin chews, 4 tubes of toothpaste, a spongebob toothbrush, air freshener, 2 bottles of Sobe Water, 3 Reese’s Cups, a Schick Intution Razor – all this free and they paid me over $3 in addition to that). Of course, free always starts a day on the right foot for me.

After church I went and toodled around the craft store and picked me up my favorite fast food – Boston Market. Then I came home and Isaac was down for his nap and I dinked around in my studio, organizing, and playing a little while hubs took a nap.

When the little bugger woke we went to Target and hubby bought me a storage ottoman for our living room

and a Rodney White art piece. I love his work. He is becoming quite mainstream now…so I can actually afford his stuff.

Then we went to Qdoba for dinner. Can I just say I am so proud of my evolving taste buds? Two years ago I would have gasped at what I ate last night. I am picky as all get out and I actually had a chicken burrito with rice, cheese, tomatoes, and onions in it. Yes, it is true a few vegetables found their way in my stomach.

Then we came home, put the little lamb to bed, and rented a nice chick flick! Thanks babe for torturing yourself and watching it with me.

The best part is we made these little cuties from the Bakerella blog. I am not usually into baking but these were SOOO cute I had to try it out. She even showcased her mad baking creativity on Martha with these. Check her out, she is amazing.

YUMMERS, they are so rich. She makes a smaller version but we made full-size ones. Next time I will try making the little bites, I just didn’t have time to make 50 of them. Eightcrazy this is right up your alley!

Ok so then I made this cute little cupcake box , from Confessions of a Ribbon Addict’s blog to put one of the cupcakes in. Now I just need to find someone who has a birthday…haha! Actually my hubby took one in to give to his secretary for all her hardwork last week on the men’s retreat.

Lastly I made this for one of my friend’s to give to her mom for Mother’s Day. She just had a new baby and she wanted to give her mom a trinket of her new grandbaby.
What did you do for Mother’s Day?