My name is Beckie, and I am a DIY Phony

If you have read my Sawdust Diary from last week you know I am coming terribly close to finishing the built-in cabinets in my new my studio with my DIY coach Sandra from Sawdust Girl.  She has been so amazing coaching me through each step of the way, not without some snags of course.  The final and most difficult step in the whole process is building the doors.  She always told me this would be the most challenging part and even said she would come out here and help me if I got stuck.


If you want to see the 4 choices of door designs that Sandra created for me you can check out my options on her site.  While I already made my decision which door I wanted you can still chime in on what you would choose.  When she sent over the plans with words like mortise, tenon, and dado I kind of freaked a little bit.

Okay it was more like meltdown city. After working on this project for over two months I so desperately want to be done and for it to be fully functional. I am OVER this project and just want to be DONE! Sandra tells me it is like birthing a baby and I won’t remember the pain when it is all done. I will keep you posted on that line of thought.

I knew the doors were going to kick my butt. However, seeing the plans in living color made it more concrete.  So I broke my DIY-for-life covenant and grabbed a lifeline.  It was the phone-a-friend lifeline.  I called my friend Rex from Carpentry Plus.  I actually met his beautiful wife Tracy through blogging and became fast friends since we both love being creative.  Anywho, Rex is a carpenter who specializes in built-ins.  If you have a project and you are in the Indianapolis area I HIGHLY recommend him.  Actually I don’t really recommend him until after he helps me install the doors.  So don’t call him yet.  I need him the first part of next week, thankyouverymuch. Smile


He willingly bailed me out and we built the doors together.  It took us 8 hours but they are done and all I have to do is fill, caulk, prime and paint them this weekend and then they will be ready to hang.  I am so close I can taste it!!!


I also wanted to tell you about my new favorite tool.  Have you heard of the Rip-Cut from Kreg Jig?  If table saws intimidate you when you are ripping boards down then check out the Rip-Cut.  It retails for about $45 (it looks like the  Rip-Cut is on sale for $32.11 at Amazon!) and you attach it to your circular saw and adjust it to the width you want and rip your boards (up to 24”).  So easy and way worth the small investment.  I find myself pulling this out all the time when building lately.  Here is a picture of me ripping the beadboard panels for the insets in the door with the Rip Cut.

Ok before everyone calls me out…Two seconds after I snapped this picture I put a breathing mask on. Doh! I totally forgot when I started.  One quick cut and I grabbed a mask, the dust is BRUTAL!  When working with MDF wear a mask, umkay?


So do you think I am a wimp or a DIY phony for calling Rex?  Welp it is what it is and all I know is that this reveal is going to be happening on Sawdust Girl in the next 2 weeks and I couldn’t be more excited.