My Daughter’s Health Story Part 6

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So we left Dr. Eyrich’s office armed with a boatload of supplements to try and regulate her system and get her immunity strong again.  I could tell within three days of her being back on the supplements that her body was getting stronger.


Within two weeks she was that happy, healthy little girl again.  All of the supplements she took willingly and easily.  She would open her mouth for the drops under her tongue and we would mix the probiotics with her applesauce and she would gobble it up like a champ.

IMG_0036 Kayla waiting in the AT&T store with mommy

So 6 weeks later we went back for the same Nano SRT test to see how well her body progressed.  Out of the 100 categories she came back being sensitive to black pepper, avocado oil, sunflower oil and coriander.  So Dr. Eyrich sent those specific waves back through her body to desensitize her and said we will run the Nano test one last time in 8 weeks and she shouldn’t have any of those stressors anymore.

He also adjusted her and did some body work on her and he could tell just by touching her belly how much healthier her gut was.  Fun fact: Did you know 80% of your immunity is in your gut?  That is why it is so important to take care of your gut health.

Kayla has been off all antibiotics for about 3 1/2 years now and even though we had a blip (see post 2) where she was ill again we feel like the best course of action is to continue on with these supplements and not strip her immunity further by putting her back on antibiotics.

IMG_0034 Kayla fishing at papa’s lakehouse

Now I share this because it is our story.  I am not an anti-antibiotic freak nor have I changed my whole philosophy on the fact that the medical profession is very necessary.  We just have chosen a slightly different route because of our experience and it has worked amazing.

So to this day Kayla still takes daily probiotics and two immunity booster drops (see above photo) but not as high of a dosage each day as we did when we were getting her back to health.  We are in maintenance mode you could say.  We only give her the Allergy Liquescence when we feel her showing allergy like symptoms which hasn’t happened for about 3 months now.  We really feel like these supplements as well as the body and chiropractic work that Dr. Eyrich did was what she needed to get healthy and whole again.

IMG_0035 Kayla holding our close friend’s new baby Jude


So where are we now?  Kayla has been well for about 6 months now – which is a miracle.  In addition to taking the supplements, we use the doTERRA essential oils when we are feeling under the weather.  Dr. Tom warned us that we can’t let stuff go with Kayla.  If we notice her slightly off we need to act.  So if I see she seems worn down I will put a little On Guard on the bottom of her feet.  There have been times she has been stuffy and I will mix coconut oil with the Breathe oil and put it over her nasal passages and it clears it up.  We use Lavender a lot in the summer for mosquito bites and stuff like that.  I only mention that because even the slightest of intruders with Kayla sends her downhill.  So I am vigilant about applying the oils when she shows any sign of weakness.


Now here is my little commercial: I think every mother ought to own a doTERRA kit.  But those 10 oils are what I use weekly to keep my family healthy (Lavender, Lemon, On Guard, Breathe, DigestZen, Melaleuca, Peppermint, Oregano, Frankincense, and Deep Blue). I have used them on my own unwanted pathogens and use them to support the immune system. They relieve runny noses, coughs, night sweats, and throat discomfort.   I tell everyone that having the doTERRA oils makes me feel like, for the first time, empowered to take care of my family.  It is a slight investment but worth every penny.  If you want to talk to me about it I WOULD LOVE TO share with you how much they have changed my family.  Call me 317-215-5551 and let’s talk.


I am so passionate about these oils and would highly encourage you to consider making essential oils part of your healthcare strategy for your family.  If you want more information about email me and

Well, that’s our story.  Thanks for all of your comments, feedback, and concern for our family.  Thank you to those who shared their stories with me. That means a lot to me.  Here is to a healthy 2014!