My Daughter’s Health Part 5

If you landed on this post and haven’t read the other posts about our struggles with our 4 year old daughter’s health begin here.


So like I said in my last post, Kayla’s nose was healing amazingly well with the frankincense oil straight on the area three times a day. (see above pictures – that is her all healed up!) So I asked my friend if she has any oils to help with Kayla’s seasonal threats.  So we tried lemon and lavender for a few days.  That didn’t work so we then added melaleuca into the mix for a few days.  That didn’t seem to help either.  Meanwhile, we had a vaporizer in her room at night to try and help her not get so stuffed and gave her some over-the-counter allergy medicine to try and help her sleep.  But without fail, we would be up with her every night for about an hour while she was in hysterics because she was stuffy and had a hard time breathing.  So after about a week or so Amy said, “You know the more I think about it the more I am thinking she is sick and it is not seasonal threats.”  Kayla’s eczema was bad, she had a stuffy nose at night, runny nose during the day, her eyes watered and she was complaining about her ears again.  Oh, and she had a terrible yeast infection.  During this week we also had an appointment with Dr. Tom for that Friday.


So on Tuesday night, we decided to try Thieves oil on the feet as well as Oregano.  Both of these are very powerful oils.  We were hoping to kill the unwanted pathogens that what was going on in her body.  We put these on at night and in the morning her eyes were all swollen and her nose puffy.  She seriously looked like a cat.  Now I don’t think she had a reaction to the oils per se.  I think the oils were drawing the toxins out of her body and that gave her the reaction.  Either way, we decided to stop the oils (with the exception of the frankincense on the nose since it was working) until after we saw Dr. Tom on Friday.

So Tim took Kayla to Dr. Tom that Friday and he ran an allergy test on her called a Nano SRT.  The great thing about the Nano test is that it isn’t invasive. You basically clip something on your collar and on your finger. (Click here to see Nano providers in your area). It uses frequencies to see where the sensitivities and stressors lie within a body.  Her test came back that she was acutely allergic to everything on the list.  Now, no person is allergic to everything.  What this told Dr. Tom was that her body was in complete rebellion to everything we were doing for her.  So the oils, the OTC medicine, etc., wasn’t doing a thing but make her body put up more of a fight. So then he used the Nano SRT machine to send these currents back through her body so that future exposure to the substances would no longer make her body feel overburdened or stressed by the stressors.  In other words, it desensitizes her body to those and makes her “unallergic” to everything.  He said he then wanted to retest her in 6 weeks.NanoSRT (1)

In addition to that, he also did a bunch of bodywork on her.  This includes everything from chiropractic to craniosacral therapy and more.  You can check out Dr. Tom’s website to gain a wealth of knowledge which hopefully, can help one of you find a practitioner in your area that might be similar if you so desire.  Immediately after the appointment, she looked better.  Her eyes weren’t so glossy and her stuffy nose seemed to clear up. She also was way less puffy in the face.

We also were loaded back up on Probiotics (see post 2), Immunity System Stimulator Drops, Mycological Stimulator Drops, Congaplex (not pictured), and some Allergy Liquescence.  This was to help her gut health and get her immunity system fighting again.  He basically said the regimen we did last year wasn’t enough.  We had to accept the fact that we have a child who we constantly have to battle a weak immunity.  So we have to do everything in our power to aid in constantly building her immunity – not just giving her a boost.  He said most likely she will need to be on a regimen of some kind for years before her body will be repaired and able to do it on its own, and it might never.


He also told us to avoid sugar and a lot of dairy because of all the candida in her body as well.  So armed with this knowledge and a boatful of supplements we set out to help Kayla get well…

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