My Daughter’s Health Part 4

If you are just beginning this story, you can start with the first installment.  I left you last week with a weird growth on my daughter’s face that we had just had surgically removed in February of this year, 2013.  Within three weeks and $2200 later, the growth was back.  I was so frustrated, discouraged, and I will admit- a little fearful of what the next step was going to be.  Having just been told that they wanted to repeat the same surgery and also have her come in four to six times for six weeks to get steroid shots in that area, I was a little freaked.  Of course, I was willing to do whatever it took to get the growth removed.  I just didn’t want to subject Kayla to all of that if it wasn’t the only option on the table.  We decided to get a second opinion and we were in a month-long holding period until we could get in to see a specialist at Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis.  Here is where we were…


Meanwhile, we went on with life, trying not to make a big deal about the growth on her nose and to being very careful not to talk about it in front of her.  Other little kids and even adults would ask Kayla about it, and she was starting to become really self-conscious about it. We obviously didn’t want to make her any more uncomfortable about it than she already was.  One day Kayla came up to me after another person had asked her about it and said, “Mommy I don’t care if I have to have surgery on my nose again. I just want it to be gone.”  Heart.break. I told her that Mommy and Daddy were working really hard to figure out how to get rid of it.  Then I went into the bathroom and started bawling.  I felt terrible that she was having to deal with curious kids and adults and that she was developing insecurities. I felt even worse that I couldn’t protect her from that.

Sidenote: During this time of waiting for our next appointment, Kayla had also gotten sick again.  Her eyes were watery, she was very stuffy at night, and she started developing eczema again on the back of her knees, creases of her arm, and on her neck.  I chalked it up to allergies and started giving her OTC allergy medicine at night.  It allowed her to get to sleep, but it didn’t really help the problem.  She was waking up every night stuffy, miserable, and out-of-control.  She literally would be screaming bloody murder and completely inconsolable.  She would arch her back and flail.  My husband or I would have to watch a show with her on our laps to calm her down and then lay with her until she fell back asleep.  Needless to say, after two weeks of that, my husband and I were exhausted.  Kayla seemed to be fine after about an hour of waking up in the morning.  The stuffy nose would subside, and she would seem okay.  She was still itching her eczema, but we were keeping that at bay with some Aquaphor.

Kayla was taking some private art lessons during this time with a girl from our church named Amy.  I told her about it, and she knew about the surgery and everything.  One day she very timidly started talking to me about some essential oils.  (At this point, Amy really wasn’t selling the oils. She was more just using them for her family’s health.)  She said she wasn’t sure it would work on Kayla’s nose, but that she would give me a sample to try.  I told her I was so desperate for a cure that I was willing to give it a try.  She gave me a sample vial of pure frankincense oil and told me to put a drop directly on her nose three times a day. As soon as the conversation was finished, I was feeling hopeful.  She brought it over that night, and I snuck a drop on Kayla’s nose while she was sleeping.

Within 24 hours, I could tell it was working.  I was so blown away that a drop of this oil could bring such healing to the growth.  I continued this regimen, putting three drops on daily.  Every morning Kayla would run to the mirror and look at her nose and say, “Mommy, come look. My nose is getting better.”  She was so excited, and we had no problem with her putting the oil on her nose.  The oil smelled strong, but Kayla didn’t care because she saw it working. Within one week, I was so shocked at the results from literally just DROPS of oil.

IMG_0018_2 As you can see in the iPhone pictures, it looked a little worse before it got better.  It started shriveling up and turning brown, red, and black before it literally fell off.  We kept this up for about two months.  It was gone in about a month but I was just scared to stop using it so I kept on until I was certain it wouldn’t come back.


These oils were such a miracle for us that I want every single one of them.  I started doing a bunch of research about these oils and realized how powerful they are.


So I called Amy after a couple of days of seeing the frankincense working and asked her if she had anything for Kayla’s seasonal threats.

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