My Daughter’s Health Part 2

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Now I am not a hug-a-tree kinda girl.  I don’t eat organic, vegan, or vegetarian.  My first preference is not broccoli and I don’t exercise near the amount I should.  I could easily handle to lose 20 pounds and have a sweet tooth that could rival anyone.  I don’t take vitamins and don’t check labels.  I say all that to say looking at alternative medicine wasn’t in my DNA. But I was committed to finding someone in the world that could help my daughter. I was a desperate woman willing to try anything to help her daughter feel better again.  And I was so sad to see the miserable look in my daughter’s eyes when she couldn’t breath, didn’t feel well, and was tired all the time.


When I lived in the Portland area I had come across a kinesiologist (one who specializes in how the brain functions with the body and human movement) that helped me overcome a tailbone injury (long story) after failed attempts with a chiropractor, physical therapist and MD.  So I went to her site and started googling some of those those same terms trying to find something similar in the Indianapolis area.

Through my research I came to Google Dr. Tom Eyrich.  He was a holistic doctor on the Northside of Indianapolis and the things on his site made sense to me.  Jaded from traditional medicine I decided to give Dr. Tom a try.  So I packed up my sick little girl (who at this time had excema, a cold, and an ear infection) and took her to see Dr. Tom. What immediately impressed me about Dr. Tom was his holistic approach.  Everything in the body is connected.  He didn’t just look at her snotty nose or her eczema.  In fact he didn’t look at those at all.  He wasn’t about just treating her nose or ears he was looking at her entire body as one.  He then educated me about the dangers of antibiotics in that 80% of your immunity is in your gut.  And that when you take an antibiotic it can’t decipher between good bacteria and bad so it kills everything.  When you strip all the good bacteria you are stripping the body of the natural antibodies that is used to fight off intruders.  He said that there would be so much less sickness if people would just take a good probiotic after they were on an antibiotic.  Unfortunately for Kayla we had given her so many antibiotics that her body pretty much gave up the fight and just waited for us to give her an antibiotic.  So her immunity was pretty much nill.Metagenics-Ultra-Flora-Plus-Balance-755571031143

So Dr. Tom’s first encouragement was to get her body fighting again.  Immediately he started us on Immunity Booster Drops, Probiotics and an Immunity spray.  We were on a daily regimen multiple times a day all taken orally.  Within two weeks my happy little girl was starting to come back.  We also started going weekly to Dr. Tom for accupressure, body work and chiropractic care which helped a ton in getting her core aligned, and organs to functioning properly.

After about 2 months Kayla was doing amazing – the healthiest I had ever seen her.  We continued on with the supplement regimen three times a day and then went to Dr. Tom monthly for about 4 months.  Then we stopped.  What we were all hoping was that the boost in her immunity was all she needed and then her immunity would be rebuilt and she would function like a normal, healthy child.  And for about two months she was.

Then in October something strange happened.  She got this little cut on her nose. Within weeks this little cut (we are talking paper cut) got infected and turned bulbous.


It seemed to be getting worse and larger and every time she knocked it bleeding would occur. She was starting to get self-conscious about it and her friends were starting to ask her what is on her nose.  So we decided if it was still there after the new year we would take her to a doctor and see what could be done.

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