My Daughter’s Health Part 1

I wanted to share with you our story of struggling with health issues with Kayla.  Now this isn’t a story of any major illness or disease that others have to struggle with.  This is so minor in comparison to 99% of the child health issues I read about daily.  But it is our story and a huge part of our family.  I am hoping this will help one of you that might have a child with repeated sickness.  I haven’t talked any about Kayla’s low immunity issues because I thought it was normal and I didn’t want to come off as a complainer.  All kids get sick – I totally get that. But when Kayla gets sick, she gets real sick.  She doesn’t bounce back quick at all.  And then once she is sick she gets repeated colds, ear infections, and flus over and over again.  I am hoping our story might help one of you.

Kayla age 4


On January 19, 2009, God brought our family a new member – Kayla Elizabeth.  Many of you have been reading my blog and remember that day.  Her big brother Isaac was so excited to have another little person around our house.  That first year of life was pretty normal.  She adjusted well to life in our house and made all the normal milestones that babies make.  Since this will probably come up as a question – yes she was a breastfed baby.



Around 9 months she got her first cold .  It is so sad to see a baby struggle to breath being all stuffy and snotty.  We did everything we knew to do to help her get better.  We took her to our family doctor and he gave us some tips to help make her feel comfortable while her body fought off the illness.  Two weeks later she was still sick and it seemed like she was getting worse and worse.  So we went back to the doctor and he put her on her first antibiotic.  I didn’t know much about antibiotics or the effects of them and I blindly trusted that this was the correct course of action.  I took antibiotics as a kid and I came out fine. Meanwhile, she was not a happy camper…


So we started our first round of antibiotics.  Within a few days her symptoms weakened and she was on the mend.  About a week later she was back to her happy, cuddly self.


She was fine for about three weeks and then the cold came back again followed by an ear infection.  Ugh!  We went back to the doctor and he put her on another round of antibiotics.  The same set of circumstances ensued and she was fine a week later.  This process happened over and over for about 6 months and 9 antibiotics later.  She went from cold to ear infection overnight it seemed.  Then the doctors went from Amoxicillin to Augmentin and then finally they wanted to put tubes in her ears.  I had no idea that by putting her on antibiotic after antibiotic I was actually weakening here not strengthening her.  That is definitely one of my biggest regrets.

So at around 14 months of age Kayla had tubes in her ears.  That seemed to be the ticket we were looking for.  She didn’t have another ear infection for like 6 months.  However, within 9 months Kayla was sick again and back on antibiotics. I was told by a doctor that her body was forming an immunity to the antibiotics so we had to go stronger.  They finally wanted to put her on steroids. There was no way I was going to put my 2 1/2 year old on steroids.


She was so sick at this point.  She had a cold, ear infection and eczema covering her chest, back, the crooks of her arms and the back of her knees.

That is when I said enough is enough.  This isn’t working. I am not putting my kid on steroids.  Doing what we were currently doing wasn’t working.  I was so tired of watching her struggle and I felt like her little full-of-life personality was being affected by it.  She was becoming crabby, defiant and withdrawn.  So that is when I became a woman on a mission.  A frantic woman who was desperate to find someone, something or some way of making her daughter healthy. I started doing research trying to figure out some alternative to the hamster wheel we were on to help my beautiful baby girl …


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