My Blog Story Part 5

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So I came home from Blissdom ’10 with a renewed vision and passion for blogging.   But I had no idea where to start.   I knew forging relationships was the first thing I needed to do. I decided to try to get to know some other bloggers I really admired. I didn’t want to get to know bloggers for the sake of trying to grow my blog. I wanted to forge relationships with people for the sake of relationships and because we had something in common.

So I sent an email to Amy from The Idea Room in hopes to get to know her better.

I admired her work and I had tried a bunch of her tutorials and thought we had a similar style and taste.   We started forming a relationship over email.   We were both a little clueless over this whole blogging thing.   We were just two creative moms who happen to have blogs. I really like her and I know I could send her an email venting, or bragging and she wouldn’t judge me either way. She has my back, I got hers. We ended up doing a blog swap and my blog grew a little in the process.   She was one of my first bloggy friends.

I kept trying to send emails and get to know other bloggers but didn’t really get the same reciprocation.   It wasn’t anything against me, they had just found their tribe, it wasn’t a great fit, or they were busy, etc.

But then I remember seeing a lot of bloggers doing collaborative projects together.   I remember one weekend feeling particularly bummed over blogging.   I just felt like I didn’t fit in, like it was too hard, I didn’t have what it took, I wasn’t creative enough, I didn’t stick out enough.   I was considering throwing in the towel.   I remember actually being in tears about it. It was one of those moments when I was having a full out pity party and I wanted to quit.

Photo Credit: Lisa’s Cheap Therapy

It was the most discouraging moment in blogging.   I was asking myself those questions,

“Why am I doing this?’”

“Why do I care so much?”

“Why am I crying over a blog? seriously!”

Within days of my pity party I got an email from Amanda from Imperfectly Beautiful which said,

“Hey Beckie.

Ok, so I have a proposal for you. I am partnering with another blogger, Jen from Tatertots and Jello, to start a new blog, and we need a third partner.You were the first person to pop into my mind when I thought of someone I respect and would love to work with! Our site is called the CSI Project…Creating Something Inspiring….”

I was so blown away I started crying when I received the email!   It was a huge affirmation to me. And here was my response…


Can I just tell you what an answer to prayer this email was!!   Not to over spiritualize this but I have been struggling the last couple of days with bloggy discouragement.   I feel like everyone is in “cahoots” together doing all these awesome collaborative projects except me.   I also saw the green little monster rearing its ugly head as I see other people’s blogs grow and have been feeling sorry for myself because of my slow growth.   I have been praying about my attitude and confessing my jealousy and talking to God about it the last couple of days but I have been in a funk.

I am sure we all feel this way as women at times…inadequate, not enough, not creative enough, not entertaining enough..   I guess it is part of blogging…being a woman and putting ourselves out there creatively.   The fact that you guys would like me to be part of this overwhelms me and it is like a little reassurance that I am right where I need to be.

I would be humbled to be part of this endeavor.   You can’t imagine how this made my week.   I needed this.   Thank you.”

And The CSI Project began in May of 2010…


I know what you want to ask…Are you making money at this point?   Are advertisers falling out of the sky?   Do you still love it or has it become a chore? How are you able to balance family and blogging?

Stay tuned, I’ll get there

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