My Blog Story Part 4

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I was at the Blissdom conference in February of 2010.   About halfway through the conference I felt like I  hadn’t  learned much.   I had lofty ideas about what a blog conference would be like and thought it was the next step in moving my blog forward. It was wonderful to meet others in my niche and put faces with the blogs that I love, but the earth shattering learning lessons didn’t happen for me.

However, I wanted some mind blowing principle that would throw me into the next phase of blogging. After a particularly frustrating session I finally said to myself, “I’m done, I am not leaving until I hear something brilliant.”

So I got the nerve up to go talk to Laurie from Tip Junkie.   I had long adored her and followed her blog since the very beginning. I always have considered her an entrepreneur and innovator in the crafty niche. I introduced myself and SHE KNEW WHO I WAS.   I about fainted when she said, “It is so nice to meet you,” and gave me a warm hug.   So I started telling her about where I was in blogging and how I felt like I needed to take the next step and how I was discouraged about my growth….blah, blah, whine whine.   She listened and then what she said next blew me away.


She looked me straight into the eyes and said sweetly, “You are not growing because you are doing it all by yourself. You can’t blog alone.   You need to build a community of bloggers around yourself.   You need to find a blogger bigger than you, smaller than you and the same size as you.   Link arms with other people you trust and help each other, because each of you will bring something to the table that the other doesn’t. Being competitive in blogging will only hurt you” (paraphrasing a bit).

I started tearing up right there.   And it hit me how prideful I was.   I found such pride in knowing I pretty much built my blog all by myself without anyone’s help.   And where had that left me?   Discouraged, tired, and overwhelmed! I was convicted to the core not just in what I needed to do next but in how utterly prideful I was in that regards.   It is weird how something like blogging God can use to chip away those things in your heart that doesn’t please Him.   I had a heart change in that moment.

Not only did it instantly change the way I viewed my blog, it changed the way I viewed my relationships.   Because of my insanely competitive spirit I wasn’t rejoicing in the successes of other.   If someone was better than me at something, or their blog grew faster, I was jealous and it made me want to try harder. I needed to rejoice in the joys and successes of others and not be envious of it.

Holy cow that didn’t happen overnight and it is still a work in progress in my heart, let-me-tell-you!

My word for 2010 became “together.”

Ok so who did I link arms with? Well that didn’t happen overnight! In typical “Beckie style” I had to have a few pity parties first.   After one of the larger pity parties I threw I got an email…

{to be continued)

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