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So after two years of blogging “just for fun” I decided to go for it. It was July of 2009 when I made this decision. At this point I had right around 1000 subscribers (500 Google Connect followers).   I thought if I had this many people following with not trying whatsoever maybe if I actually tried I could get more. Maybe there was room in blogland for me.   Maybe people will think I am creative. Maybe I can make money doing what I love.   Maybe…maybe…maybe.

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So I hopped on the roller coaster.

BUT…one thing I have always maintained is my love for the creative process. There have been hugely discouraging moments on my blogging journey.   But I have never lost my passion to share my creativity with you.

Blog because you love to do it.   If you blog for any other reason you will burn out!

I started trying to figure out what makes IC unique. I think one of the answers to that is my Roadkill Rescue posts.   I think that is a defining characteristic of IC and something that you guys love to see.   Knowing that RR is uniquely IC has really challenged me to think outside the box and continue to make that as much a part of my blog as possible.


But was I ever going to make money?

I remembered when I first started blogging and saw ads on other blog’s sidebars.   I always wondered how they got all those people to advertise. I knew nothing about selling ads.

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I started selling ad space in October of 2010 for $15 a month. I had about 800 Google followers. My first advertisers were Lynn from For Love or Funny and the Crafty Girls Workshop.   I remember when I saw that first $15 in my Paypal account – I about did a back flip!

Sidenote: Now remember blogging in 2009 was way different than blogging in 2011.   There was a lot less creative bloggers in 2009.   Blogging is evolving at such a rapid rate that there are so many more blogs now than there was then.   My unsolicited advice…do not try offering advertising space until you have 2000 subscribers (1000 Google Followers).   And don’t give it away for free or insanely cheap. You are worth more than that!

Making money on your blog does not affirm your creativity!

{Stepping off my soapbox}

In my head I just knew if I reached 1000 Google Followers then all of the sudden every business in America would be knocking down my door to advertise on my blog.   And then I learned an important lesson in blogging:

If you want opportunities to happen for your blog you have to make them happen!

When I hit 1000 followers no one called or emailed.   No bag of cash was on my doorstep that day.  It was a day that went unnoticed by everyone in the world except me.

But I hit 1000 Google followers in December of 2009.   I was really excited.   I felt like I had arrived…HA!

All of 2009 I missed the most important thing about growing your blog: You can’t do it alone.   The only person that I actually talked to in my niche was Amy from Mod Podge Rocks and Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick. (BTW…it has been such a blast to be on this road with you Amers & Sarah!).

I remember feeling like I was in this huge competition with everyone in my niche.   I would critique other people’s blogs in an effort to learn how they were growing. I would see if I was as “creative” as they were my comparing my projects with theirs.   I would be so jealous when I saw someone’s numbers climbing higher than mine. I would constantly compare myself and I always left feeling discouraged.

Apples & Oranges - They Don\'t Compare

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Here is the reality…there will always be someone more creative than I am (and you too, for that matter).   There will always be a bigger blog.   There will always be another blog that grows faster than mine. There will always be someone making more money than I am by doing the exact same thing I am doing.

So I went into 2010 excited and ready to take over blogland. Then in February I went to the Blissdom blogging conference.   That is when I had a conversation with another blogger that rocked me to the core….

{to be continued}

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