My Blog Story Part 2

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It was January of 2009 when I had Kayla.   I had a rough pregnancy with two separate occasions of kidney stones. It was brutal and I don’t wish it upon my worst enemy…okay maybe my worst enemy…Kidding! Kidding!

Then four weeks after delivery I had a emergency appendectomy. Ugh! Then in April I had surgery on my hand to get rid of a cyst I had…

I know – gross!   Yes this is part of my blog story, I swear.   Since I wasn’t able to use my hand after surgery for 4 weeks that meant no projects.   No painting, no hammering, no sawing.   I was trying to figure out what to talk about on my blog for that time period.   I felt a really strong desire to share my life story on my blog.   I didn’t know if people would really be interested in hearing it. I had a feeling that everyone who followed my crafty projects would then stop reading my blog forever if they really took a peek behind the curtain.  But I felt a prompting from the Lord to share it.   I will tell you that was by far the hardest posts I have ever written.   I cried through a few of them.

But I never thought about the next days post.   I just took one day at a time trying to write the next part of my story. Everyday I wanted to quit.   But my readers kept begging for more and were so enthralled by it.   They kept encouraging me and I knew I had to continue.   Plus I knew the end of the story – and the redemption that happened – and that was the best part.

But in the end, My Real & Raw series was probably my most proudest blog moment.   There is something entirely refreshing to me to be able to share that part of who I am with the people who I inspire.

WARNING:   My Real & Raw series is 16 posts long.   If you start reading, it will suck you in.   You will sit at your computer for hours, your husband and kids might not like how much time you sit staring at the computer screen.   Infarrantly Creative may become a curse word in your home because of it.

Throughout this time I kept looking at my followers list and thinking.   “Who are these 500 people and why are they following me?”   I had many friends pressure me to start pursuing advertising on my blog.   I labored over this decision for about 6 months. I was so nervous that it would suck the joy out of it for me.   I never wanted to feel the pressure to post or to be brilliant and creative.   But then there was always this nagging question in my mind, “Am I creative enough to actually make money doing this?”   Most of the time I told myself no.   But then one day someone said to me you will only regret what you don’t try.   I realized they were right.   I knew in my heart that I would regret not trying.   I could handle trying and failing but I could not handle never trying at all.

So it was July of 2009 when I made the decision to try and blog as a source of income and not just for a hobby.   Holy cow what a roller coaster ride I got on…

To be continued…

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