My Blog Story Part 12

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Having three blogs definitely has its challenges.   But I also know that both Knock Off Décor and Roadkill Rescue wouldn’t have been instant successes if it weren’t for the time, effort and reputation I had established with Infarrantly Creative.







Being in the blogosphere for almost 5 years makes me qualify for a senior citizen discount.   That really is considered a long time to be a blogger.   With that I have morphed with all the new social media platforms, changes to blogging and shifts in thinking.   I remember when the blogosphere was a lot smaller and there was way more interaction in blogging and you actually established REAL friendships with people.   With the rise of Pinterest, I get about 3/4 less comments on here than I used to even though I have about tripled my readership.   Part of that makes me sad because I have a DEEP desire to connect with my readers, and part of me realizes that the scope of social media changes with every year.   So I have to roll with it and continue to be on the cutting edge of the change, morphing and growing with all the new BUT exciting changes that blogging takes.


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Back in July of 2009 I told you I made the decision to try and turn blogging into a small business.   When I made that commitment and shifted my thinking into “this is my job” it changed the way I viewed blogging.   Knowing that any small business generally puts the time and effort in but doesn’t have any profit for the first two years I worked and I worked HARD.   I spent a lot of my own money to get my “business” up and running.   I had a work schedule and my kids went to daycare / preschool during those hours even though I didn’t make money to justify that expense. When I made the decision that I was a “working mom” I had to figure out (with the help and support of my family) how I could make this thing work and how I could maintain my family too even before my first cent came in.


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So my work hours are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 10 — 2.     Then after the kids go to bed I generally put in another hour or two returning emails, writing posts, editing pictures, etc.   I would say I put in about 25-30 hours a week.   I also don’t do it alone.   I have a writer that helps me with KOD and RR and I also have 4 contributors on IC that I pay as well.   I actually give away about 1/4 of my income to writers.   But my goal is to work smarter and not harder and to do the things I love to do — which is creating and doing projects that inspire people.

I also have to be reeeeeeaaallllly intentional or I could do projects all day, ignore my family, never feed my family, and live on the love and affirmation I receive from blogging and never have a real relationship in my life. I also have to be reeeeeeaaallllly intentional with taking care of myself by exercising and watching my calorie intake or I get a bloggy butt reaaaalllly quick.   Believe me!   So I try and be organized and be reeeeeeaaallllly intentional about how I spend my time. My blog planner helps a lot!   I have to set boundaries and say no to a lot of things that I would LOVE to say yes too.   But I realize that I can only do a few things really well and my family is one of those things I want to be excellent at. So my husband and I go on date night EVERY Thursday and we set a goal to do one big, fun thing a month outside of the house as a family.   These are just a few things I have done so that I can be successful and maintain my sanity.



So that is where I leave you.   I can’t wait to report what 2012 brings my way.   I am blessed beyond measure and still am overwhelmed with gratitude to God for all He has done in my life — blogging included.   And thank you to you for all your support of all of my blogs.