My Blog Story Part 11

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So we knew getting rid of The CSI Project was inevitable.  We got to the place that we realized we were holding the site back. Both Jen and I really wanted it to land in good hands but how do you go about selling a site?  We had no idea but we both knew we needed it off our plates and that someone would be able to take it over and give it the time it needed to blossom. 

Visit thecsiproject.comSo first we sent out an email to our newsletter list seeing if anyone was interested and then we decided to do a post about it on The CSI Project site. What!?!? You can really sell a site?  Yep you can!  But how do you go about figuring out what your blog is worth?  Now there are many variables to this but here is a site I used to help gauge that.  Check it out…very interesting!  I am so very pleased that it landed in the hands of Dee Brady.  She certainly has put in the time and effort to take it to the next level and both Jen and I are very proud of where it is today.


We also got to the place with Crafterminds where all 4 of our blogs had grown and we were all being pulled in different directions. I think we were feeling this way for months but we hated the fact that we were growing apart so we just kept pressing on. After over a year of doing weekly twitter chats for creative bloggers and conference calls between the 4 of us – Crafterminds broke up. 



Okay I am being a bit overdramatic here. 

But it just wasn’t a fit for all of us anymore. I was really sad at first because I adore those girls but it was a mutual agreement that we all needed to focus and hone in on what we are best at.  We were able to recognize that and move on with no hard feelings and we continue to support each other. Amy and Heather continued on with Crafterminds (they both love writing and encouraging bloggers and they are so good at it) and also formed The Blue Print Social which is a company dedicated to connecting creative bloggers with companies.  And they also start Décor Hacks, a site that showcases Mid Century Modern design which both of them are drawn to.


Then Jen and Amy are also taking on a new adventure together as well… Hey wait a minute??? How come everyone is in cahoots but me? AHA! I see it now! Maybe they just wanted to break up with me! Just kidding, I love those girls and would not be the blogger I was today without their influence on me!

So with The CSI Project off my plate and no longer having my weekly commitments with Crafterminds what is a girl to do? I know – how about start another blog!!! I know, I know, I am crazy.  But as I was thinking about what makes my blog special and what makes IC unique it would definitely have to be my Roadkill Rescue projects. For those of you who are new to IC this is the term I dubbed when I take curbside castaways and turn them into something spectacular for my home. Not only did I make up that name but I think many of you come here because you enjoy the whole trash-to-treasure, think-outside-the-box, creating I do.  So I decided to capitalize on what I think is one of my assets and started a blog to feature all of your trash to treasure projects too. So September 1, 2011 Roadkill Rescue was born.


So now I am the official mommy of three babies:








A tri blogger?

How on earth do you find the time to do that?

Are you still married?

Do you lock your children in the basement to blog?

Do you ever bathe?

Stay tuned for Part 12