My Blog Story Part 10

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It had been a huge goal of mine to be on TV. I am not talking my own show or anything, although I wouldn’t turn it down if I was offered, but it was a small goal of mine to get on my local lifestyle show, Indy Style.  A door opened (— meaning I pushed and pushed and shoved until it opened) in March and I got to go on the show.  I was so extremely nervous but excited for the opportunity to be in front of the camera doing what I love to blog story logo

I will tell you doing great projects and photographing them is WAY different than trying to (go slow enough) teach them to a live camera, with no do overs.  However, they liked me enough that they offered me a monthly spot.  I have enjoyed building this relationship with Indy Style and growing in my confidence and poise on TV.  I am VERY EXCITED to unveil something we have coming down the pipeline on Indy Style next month (crossing my fingers it gets approved). 

In March I was also presented with the opportunity to be one of the co-hosts of “Get A Little Creative,” which is a webshow on My Craft Channel featuring creative blogs and fun craft ideas.  Now I will tell you that the only reason why this came about is because of Jen from Tatertots & Jello.  I felt like I rode her coattails on this one, for sure (Thanks for letting me Jen!).  She brought this idea to the Craftermind girls and it ended up being Jen, Heather and I on the show.


unsolicited-two-cents_thumbYou may think a lot of opportunities have come my way.  You may feel like your blog is just as awesome as mine (it is!) you are just as/more talented than me (probably true!) but yet you seem stuck doing the same thing over and over with no opportunities in the foreseeable future.  I, for one, feel that way all the time when I see someone have more success than myself or get an opportunity that I wasn’t presented with. You start questioning yourself and it plays into that whole green eyed monster that we struggle with (I am not alone in this, am I?).  I will say, most opportunities I have created and pursued. I am like a little pit bull when I want to be. But yes, a few fell in my lap. But for every one opportunity that came my way I was passed or overlooked or turned down 5 times that.  I want to encourage you not to give up. Keep sending in articles to that magazine, keep pursuing that opportunity to work for that company, keep honing those skills, sign up to take that class to learn that skill you have wanted to learn, don’t give up! Persistency pays off! {stepping off my soap box…}

At this time Jen and I still had The CSI Project which is a weekly craft challenge blog that we co-owned together. 


Our love for this site was waning so we hired a writer to help take some of the pressure off of us — which meant we totally broke even on this site.  I knew getting rid of the blog was inevitable.  We had started this blog in May of 2010 and both of our individual blogs had grown into full-time jobs which meant the CSI Project was way down on the list of priorities.  It was an awesome concept but Jen nor I had the time to put into taking it to the next level.  So we were in maintenance mode at this point, which drove me crazy because I am addicted to forward progress. 

So at this point I am working about 20 hours a week with Infarrantly Creative and Knock Off Décor.  Plus I still co-owned The CSI Project and had weekly commitments with Crafterminds.  It was all manageable but I was starting to feel the need to scale back and to focus on the things that were really important to me – which also meant letting go of some of the things I loved as well….to be continued.

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