Solving my #First59 Problem with IKEA Trones

That title sounds like code word doesn’t it?  Well let me explain.  A couple of weeks back I mentioned how IKEA has a new initiative called First 59 in which their goal is to showcase IKEA products that help to make the first 59 minutes of your day go a little smoother.  So I was supposed to identify one of my first 59 problems and use an IKEA product to fix it.  I knew immediately the problem I was going to tackle and the product solution without a second thought.

mudroom storage with ikeas trones bins #first59

I am OBSESSED with the IKEA Trones shoe bins.

trones shoe storage cabinet

Every time I go to IKEA I feel like I need to buy some just in case they don’t sell them anymore.  HA!  They are perfect for small spaces, niches and areas where you need organization.  I have used them in our playroom for coloring books, sticker books and art supplies and they are awesome.

IKEA expedit for playroom

So back to my problem!  Many of you know we recently moved to a new state which means a new house.  I am still trying to find my organization mojo in this place.  So for the past month and a half school paraphernalia has been all over the house.  Since there was no specific place for stuff, it kind of got tossed wherever there was free floor space.  I needed a place for all of the things that we grab as we run out the door for the day.  I didn’t necessarily need a place for jackets and shoes – I am building mudroom lockers for that (see a sneak peek on Instagram).  I am looking for organization for other stuff like library books, lunch boxes, returns, reusable bags, and other items that we grab as the day begins.

mudroom organization

My laundry room turned mudroom is only an 8’ x 6’ of space.  In this area was a small inlet that was 42” wide and 13” deep so I was limited with what I could put there.  The Trones bins were perfect because they only stick out 7 1/8” from the wall and they were 20 1/8” wide.  I could perfectly put two bins next to each other and stack them 6 high.  So I have a total of 12 Trones bins on this wall.  They are $39.99 for a pack of 3 and currently come in black, white, blue or green.  So I paid $160 for them which may seem like a lot to many of you.  But I will pay good money for organization and a system that works and keeps my house cleaner, less cluttered and the daily grind go smoother.

mudroom storage small space

I didn’t get cute or fancy with the Trones bins.  You could cut out vinyl and make a pattern or label them but I just stuck with my Brother P-Touch label maker.  The nice part about those labels is they are easily removable if the contents change.

brother p-touch labeler

Also all of the Trones bin fronts are removable.  So right now at the very top I have my kid’s winter stuff – hats, gloves, boots, scarves, etc.  When the first snow strikes I can just switch out those bin fronts with the lower ones so my kids can reach them.

ikea trones bins

ikea trones

Right now I have my battery box in one, a first aid kit in another, and then one labeled: returns, Isaac, Kayla, Lunch Boxes, Winter Boots, Library books, Isaac’s Winter Accessories, Kayla’s Winter Accessories, and reusable bags.  The kids are able to access the bottom 4 and the adults can easily access all but the top ones without standing on a stool.

mudroom storage ideas

So to the left is where we walk in from our garage and the right is where we enter the kitchen.  Isn’t this the perfect solution?

mudroom locker storage

mudroom solution

It is perfect for the space, our family and the flow of traffic in this room.

Check out IKEA for more solutions to tackling your First 59 minutes of your day. Or follow their First 59 board on Pinterest to see more solutions.

Disclaimer:  This was a compensated opportunity with IKEA.  All wording, opinions, ideas and creativity belong to me.