Mudroom Lockers Part 3

If you are just happening to find this post then check out the Mudroom Bench and the Mudroom Upper Shelves posts first to catch up.  Today is our final part (3of 3) of our Mudroom lockers build.  Today we are putting together the midsection of the lockers.  This was the most expensive of the three parts coming it at $110.

DIY Build Mudroom Lockers part 3 Coat Storage


(2) MDF 4’ x 8’ sheets ($72.64)

(6) – 1” x 2” x 8” ($17.88)

beadboard $19.97 (plus use leftover from Mudroom Locker Part 1 and 2)

Total Lumber Cost: $110.49

Additional supplies if you don’t have already:

Gorilla Wood Glue

SPAX MDF to Wood #6 1 1/2” screws (found at Ace Hardware)

DAP Paintable Caulk

Primer and paint


Tools Needed:

tape measure

cordless drill


miter saw

table saw

corner clamps

Kreg Jig and 1 1/4” Kreg screws

brad nailer

air stapler

Paint sprayer (isn’t necessary but super awesome)


This build is exactly like the mudroom bench without the stained bench part.  So if you can build part 1 then this is easy peasy.

The top part (Mudroom Lockers Part 2) determined our depth.  Since the cabinets I reused were 12” in width that is how deep the midsection of the lockers will be.  So I had Lowes rip the MDF to 11 1/4” strips (the extra 3/4” will come from the face frames).

So then I cut 69 3/4” x 11 1/4” and then 5 boards 11 1/4” by the height of your area minus 1 1/2”. The 69 3/4” measurement was the width of the area – 1 1/2” for face frames.  Then evenly space all your boards and glue and clamp them together using corner clamps.  Then use your Spax screws to screw in place.

building mudroom lockers

Measure the space between each cubby and then cut two 2 1/2” MDF strips in order to create supports for the top and bottom.  Drill two Kreg holes on each end and screw them in place with 1 1/4” Kreg screws.

Rip a piece of your beadboard 1/4” shorter than the entire midsection.  You will have to cut two in order to make sure the back is entirely covered.  Use a stapler to tack it in place into the Kreg’d pieces.  Paint and prime the entire piece.

mudroom lockers built in

painting mudroom lockers

Find some muscle and have them help you move it on top of the bench.  Center it in place and then use 3” cabinet screws to attach it to the studs in the wall going through the supports in the back.

diy mudroom lockers

Then cut a face frame for the top first and then all of the bottom “legs”.   Glue them first and then air nail them.

mudroom locker build

mudroom lockers

Wood fill your holes and touch up paint.  Also, remember caulk is your friend.  Because my walls weren’t perfectly square (I haven’t met a wall that was yet!) I had a pretty large gap.  Nothing caulk couldn’t fill in.

caulking mudroom lockers

At this point, I am nearly giddy as this project has dominated my work days for longer than I care to admit.

built in mudroom lockers

After I touch up painted I got to the fun part.  Adding hooks and knobs.  Woohoo!

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