Moving at a Snail’s Pace

Ok this pregnancy thing is slowing me down. I actually took a nap today. I am not a napper. I have tried before and it just doesn’t work. I will go to lay down and think of how unproductive I am, what crafts I could be making, what could be cleaned, who I could call on the phone, etc. My mind just doesn’t stop long enough to nap. Well not today. I napped for an hour. So basically I managed to wash my sheets, make my bed, and get dinner on the table. That is all in 12 hours, sad! Yes my son is still in his pajamas which he will go to sleep in tonight. Yikes. I was just in slow motion today. It is so hard for me to just sit and rest. But one of the things I loved about being pregnant was the nesting. I swear I had it the whole last trimester. My garage was so clean you could eat off the floor. All my cabinets were organized. My house was dusted. I refolded Isaac’s new clothes like 5 times, and my studio was in perfect working order. My husband finally put his foot down when he found out I cleaned out the attic (he didn’t like the fact that I climbed on a ladder to crawl into the attic) when I was like 32 weeks along. But I had selective hearing because I even shoveled dirt off a truck into my flower beds at 40 weeks (yes I was trying to induce labor at this point). Oh the joys of being pregnant. I will share other stories along the way about my previous pregnancy. It’ll be fun.

I know I said I would post pictures of my living room. But I just can’t handle the fact that it isn’t done. It is not pictureworthy. So please be patient. My dear father-in-law is coming over President’s Day to help widen the spot where the TV goes (there is a cut out for the TV). Then I can hang my pictures and it will be complete, then you will have pictures my dear lookie loos.