Mother’s Day

Today’s blog is dedicated to my mom. As a punk teenager I would have never thought my mom and I would ever be close. But she is one of the first people I run to when my world comes crashing down, or I need to complain or vent, or need some to empathize with me. So toay I thought I would give you some of my mom’s “momisms.”

1. “Do something, even it is wrong” – this is what she says when we are on the phone too long and she needs to get off to make it look like she did something all day.
2. “See you in the funny papers.” – I still have no idea where she got this one. This is another way she will say, “goodbye.”
3. “Give Beau-Nonni kisses.” – She says this to Isaac everytime she talks to him. She loves hugs and kisses and being close to her grandson.
4. “You just need some lovies.” – Whenever I am down she will say this. Lovies can only come from her. That means I need a mom hug.
5. “Sorry you already spent all the money in your birth-defect fund.” She says this whenever I complain about something physical about me.
6. “You know I was watching/listening/reading about _____ the other day…. and they said…” My mom always has a piece of random advice she heard or read from somewhere. She loves to be Dr. Mom and diagnose all the health issues of those around her. She should have worked in the medical field.
7. “You should take penicillin.” It was a running joke with my sisters and I that no matter what ailment we had when we were younger my mom thought penicillin would cure it. Now my sisters and I are immune to it because we took it so often growing up.
8. “Take care of your knees/back you will miss it when it’s gone.” She is always telling me to bend properly and to to take care of my knees and back because older people complain about those pains and I don’t want to have that when I am older.
9. “If you run you will lose your uterus.” -My mom thinks that my uterus is going to bounce out if I am a runner.
10. “Is it hot in here or is it me?” No mom it is just you. For some reason my mom’s body temperature is always 5 degrees higher than everyone else. Her house in the summer is an Arctic Zone but yet she is always hot. She thinks 60-degree weather is bathing suit time.

My mom has a way of brightening a room. Her laugh in contagious and joyful. Everyone loves to be around her because she has a way of making you feel special. She loves to dote on you. She always offers her opinion (wonder where I got that from?…now you know), and she is easy to be around. We can talk for hours and it seems like minutes, she loves to tell stories of old (even though I have heard them a zillion times, I love to listen like it is my first time hearing it). She is the backbone of her family…a pillar of strength and a base to touch when you need family. I love you mom!