Mister Independent

I leave for Hawaii on Tuesday and tomorrow I am going to fly to Hotlanta (Atlanta for those you have never visited) and bring Isaac to his grandparents for the time we are gone. He is staying with Tim’s parents half the time and my mom and her husband half the time. So as much as I am excited about the break I am getting all sentimental leaving him. I mean…look at that face…what is there not to miss?
So today I was dropping him off at his classroom for church. He was a little whiney so I was getting him situated with the toys and trying to distract him. Then, all of the sudden, he was acclimated and ready for me to leave. He gets up and waves goodbye to me. I wasn’t even ready to leave yet but he was ready for me to go. 16 months and he already is ready for mom to leave?
Last night we discovered he knows where his ears and nose is. Tim was telling him to come to him so Tim could wipe his nose. Isaac then pointed to his nose. So then Tim asked where his eyes were and he pointed to those also. He understands so much. I can’t wait until he puts sentences together. So far he says, mom, dad, ball, bubble, and bye bye. I am going to miss him so much!