A Mini Skirt

I showed you my “almost completed” family room a while back. I mean is a room every really done being decorated? Not really. Anyway, I talked about making a table skirt for this table between the two chairs. I felt like the chairs swallowed it up and made it look puny. However, I didn’t know how to attach it and kept thinking through it. After looking at it for nearly two months I was “over it” and decided to go for it today.

First off I weaved some black satin ribbon through it. Even that made it look 100 times better.

Then I measured the table and sewed up four sides of the piece of fabric all nice and neat. I took my hot glue gun and attached the fabric to the table. I thought about sewing it with invisible thread but then I figured I could solve the problem easier with hot glue. If I want to remove it to wash it I just have to reglue it. Should be easy enough, right?

It still didn’t do it for me. So then I hot glued some black satin ribbon to the bottom. Ahhh….much better.

I think the skirt balances out that space. It bring some more color to the area and gives more depth to the table. Plus it only took my hubby an hour and twenty minutes to notice it…and he even liked it. Success!