Meeting a Fellow Blogger

Well some of you probably think I am crazy but I met a blogbuddy today. And I survived. And guess what? She wasn’t even weird.

Thimbleanna came all the way from Ft. Wayne (2 hours away) to come play today. I taught her how to make soldered pendants. I must say I have taught a few people and she by far had the most natural talent so far. She did a fantastic job. I was impressed. She left with three projects she was proud of. YAH! (She is a little camera shy so I promised her face would be covered)

As a thank-you she made me a chunky bunny. How adorable is he? He is supposed to be a pincushion but I think I am going to put him in Isaac’s playroom because he matches so well. And he is wearing some fun soldered jewels.

I named him Jack. She also brought Isaac a book. I love free stuff. I love homemade free stuff even more. After a long week, it was nice to have a visitor and someone to craft with. I needed a little pick-me-up.

Tim went hunting for the night. They have a late hunting weekend where they give licenses to just kill a doe. I guess they figure by killing the doe they kill more because they can’t reproduce. So I am hoping Tim comes home with a little Bambi for din-din. For all you animal lovers who think I am cruel – sorry. I am an animal eater not lover.