Mason Jar Table Lamp

Mason Jars are all the rage in crafting right now.  You can paint, glaze, fill, freeze, and add ribbon and glitter to them.  Guess what? You can even can with them {giggle}.  I was challenged by Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts Stores to create 4 unique projects out of mason jars for their summer Idea Market.  You may have even seen my face in Jo-Ann stores this month! I already showed you the spend, save, give jars I made and today I want to show you how I made a cute table lamp out of a mason jar.

how to make a mason jar lamp


Bottle Lamp Kit

Lamp Cord Switch

Vintage Glass Look Jars

5” x 5” round plaque

4” x 4” round plaque

Drill with 1/2” bit

Wood Glue

Super Glue

25 watt small light bulb

1.  Glue your 4” x 4” plaque onto the center of your 5” x 5” plaque with wood glue.  Clamp or set heavy objects on the top.  Let it dry completely.

DIY mason jar light

mason jar table lamp

2.  Meanwhile, insert your lamp corn switch onto your cord from the bottle lamp kit according to package directions.

3.  Once the base is dry, drill a 1/2” hole in the center of your wood base.

mason jar lamp DIY

4.  Then using a router or Dremel tool route a 1/4” groove from the drilled hole to the edge.  This will allow your cord to lay flat in that area.

mason jar light fixture

mason jar lights DIY

5. Stain or paint the base the color of your choice. I used Minwax Dark Walnut. Insert threaded nipple from the bottle lamp kit into the hole.

mason jar lighting

6.  Wire your lamp kit according to package directions, and your lamp cord switch to your cord.

mason jar lighting

6. Using super glue adhere the wide mouth metal ring of your jar to the center of the base.

mason jar lamps

7.  Once dry, screw a small light bulbs into place.

DIY mason jar lamp

8.  Screw on jar color of your choice to metal ring.

mason jar colored lamps

colored mason jar lamp

9. Screw in a low profile 25 watt bulbs.  Use the little switch on the cord to turn the lamp on.

mason jar lights

I love how changing the mason jar changes the ambiance of the room.  It is so easy to interchange based on the season or decor.

I put mine on my daughter’s dresser with the pink mason jar on it.  Click here to see more of her room.

mason jar in bedroom

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