Marker Memo Clip Board

The kids in our area started school last week.  We are in full on back-to-school mode.  I love showing teachers how much we appreciate them.  So I came up with this Marker Memo Clip Board.

IMG_0609 The fun part about this board is that you can still use the markers but the tops holds messages or pictures.


2’ x 4’ piece of scrap wood

5/8 inch drill bit

electric drill or drill press

Gorilla Glue

sandpaper — varying grits

5 markers

Mini Clothespins


Spray Paint

Letters or Embellishment of your choice


Knobs for feet

Mod Podge

Paper Scraps

1.  Cut a piece of 2’ x 4’ to 10”.  I just used a miter box and hand saw.  I sanded it smooth on all sides starting with 60 grit and ending with 120 grit.IMG_0565 2.  Position your markers where you want them and mark the spot where you will drill.IMG_0564 IMG_0566 3.  Get your drill press ready or an electric hand drill and a 5/8” drill bit.  Drill the holes about 1” deep.

4.  Take your mini clothespins and put a little Gorilla Glue on them.  This stuff expands so do not use a lot.  Take 60 grit sandpaper and roughen up your marker top a little.  Press the clothespin in place and let them dry overnight.IMG_0598 IMG_0599 5.  Spray primer your board and then spray paint it the color of your choice.  I added knobs as feet just for fun.IMG_0602IMG_0603 6.  At this point you can embellish anyway you wish. I decided to break out my Mod Podge and adhere paper to the four sides of the board.  I sanded the edges of the paper and then Mod Podged over the top of the paper to seal it.IMG_0604


7.  I added vinyl letters to the front to spell out my son’s preschool teacher.  You can also use scrapbook letters.IMG_0608 Wrap it up and make a teacher smile.  To al of you who are teachers…thank you for loving on children.  You make a huge impact!IMG_0607 IMG_0609