MantelMount – {Kickstarter Program}

Thanks for all the well wishes on Instagram and Facebook about our move to Ohio.  So far it has been great acclimating to our new church and managing to find our way around Columbus.  Other than a fall off my bike and getting pulled over this weekend, I can’t complain.  Currently we hired a painter to paint all the oak trim white on the main floor of our new house.  We compromised in only getting the first floor painted since it was going to take 10 days to do the whole house.  I am so anxious to move in I couldn’t handle not being in the house for that long.  Plus it is super hard to pay someone to do something I know I can do myself.  So I guess I will slowly paint the rest of the trim myself as I decorate each room.  I am trying to remember that my last house took me 6 years to decorate, but I just want everything to be done now!


One of the things we left at our old house was our TV.  It was mounted on the wall and my husband conveniently left it behind….hmmmm…..I wonder who is wanting an upgrade! I love mounting a TV above the fireplace because it is out of the way from kiddos and doesn’t take valued floor space but one of the issues was it was so high at our old house and we were always adjusting the blinds and curtains to avoid glares.  I am hoping to mount our new TV above the fireplace in our new house as well – I might have to hire an electrician to make it happen.

There are plenty of ways to mount a TV to a wall but I just saw this new product called Mantel Mount.  It allows you to not only move the TV left to right but also pull the TV down (up to 2 feet) for perfect TV viewing.  This is great if you constantly find yourself needing the TV to face a different direction because of glares of lights or windows or furniture placement.


Isn’t that a cool idea?  Well MantelMounts are available now on Kickstarter starting at $199.  Which is a great deal since it retails for $389.  But Brian Hughes, founder and the brains behind this product, is really trying to get this product out there and quit his day job and focus on growing this company.

mantel mountSo if you are thinking of mounting a TV and want the flexibility and versatility of being able to move your TV left to right and up and down check out MantelMount and be art of an entrepreneur seeing his product produced to the masses.

Here is a little video to show you the MantelMount in action.  I will do a follow up post when I get mine installed!


Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post from MantelMount.  All opinions are my own and I wanted to work with this company because of its unique idea and the entrepreneurial spirit of the founder.  All opinions are my own.


  1. kristin marvin says

    Hey Beckie!
    Great to hear from you on your site. I had been keeping up a bit via FB. It looks like you all had a great time during your transition with no home. SO EXCITED for you and your family on this new adventure in Columbus! And congrats on 16 years married AND a year older–you are such a baby! So…this TV stand seems too good to be true! I would be so afraid my TV would fall off or the stand would snap! I am surprised no one tried to come up with this idea sooner! I look forward to your feedback and would love to see this entrepreneur hit the big time with his idea.

    • Hey! Good to hear from you. We did have a nice time visiting family, but I am not gonna lie, I have been chomping at the bit to get into the new house! You will definitely be getting my honest assessment on the mount once it’s up and functional. I don’t anticipate it falling though. 😉 At least let’s hope not!

      • How has the mount been working out?? It seems like something we could use but we have an infant and I need to be sure it’s very secure…

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