Man Decor

My husband got a new office at work.  It is a lot bigger than his old office and is more centrally located.  However, there were HUGE built-in bookshelves.  They are solid oak and cannot be removed.  We asked if we could paint the inset of the shelves since Tim has barely enough books for two of the shelves, let alone, four more of them.IMG_0728 IMG_0729
Tim is a coffee snob, connoisseur, freak, lover.  He loves all things coffee and visiting unique coffee roasteries.  He especially loves trying new and unheard of coffee shops. When we were on our cruise we went to a shop that roasted their own coffee.  Tim had inquired about purchasing some of the coffee bags thinking they would make unique decor.

They said they charged $5 per bag.  Tim made small talk while we were looking through the coffee bags explaining we were on a cruise ship and asking her about the roasting process.  She must have thought he was cute been having a great day because she told him to take what he wanted for free.

Jazzed, Tim took some bags and we were on their way.  The whole time I am thinking..Coffee bags?  Decor?  Ugh! Blecch!

So when we got home I set to upholstering some canvas frames with the coffee bags.  They were not easy to do.  The stamped designs are not exactly straight so they were challenging to keep the letters parallel. Plus I hate the feeling of jute…itchy, scratchy, yucky.  But because I love my man, I kept persevering stapling and tucking until I had four covered coffee bag canvases.IMG_0730 The whole time I was thinking…ugh…yucky decor.  Meanwhile Tim thought they were the coolest things I had ever created. (He obviously doesn’t read my blog…haha!)

I cut some moulding with my miter box to frame them out and spray painted them with Canyon Black spray paint.
We first hung the canvases in place…
IMG_0733 Then with the air nail gun (oh how I love thee) we set to nailing the moulding place.  It really made the bag design POP! IMG_0738IMG_0740 When all was said it done I actually loved it.  It fits his personality and definitely is a “manly” way to decorate.  Plus it also reminds him of a fun experience we had in Canada.

I don’t want him any where near decorating my walls…but for his is perfect. 
What do you think of his man decor?  Reminder…the big Roadkill Rescue party is this Wednesday.  Start Finish those projects!