Cereal Box Crafts: Postcards

Today we are going to get our “recycle” on and craft some cool postcards out of cereal boxes. We are getting close to Earth Day (April 22nd).  So this week I am going to focus on reducing, reusing and recycling cereal boxes and other cardboard boxes.  They are plentiful, easy to work with and make great postcards!  And what kid wouldn’t want to receive or send one of these in the mail?


Today is a really simple craft.  So go to your recycling bin and grab some boxes.  Look for fun, bright patterns. Simply cut cardboard down into small rectangles and use them as postcards. The fun designs make the perfect mailbox treasure.


Cereal boxes or other packaged goods

Paper cutter or Exacto knife


Permanent Marker

Optional: Corner Punch


1.  Using a paper cutter or Exacto knife with ruler cut your postcards down to 4” x 6” rectangles.

cereal box craft


2. Optional: Round the corners with a corner punch.  I think this adds a nice little finishing touch.


3.  Flip the card over and use a ruler and fine permanent marker to draw lines on it for the address and also to separate the address from the words.


4.  Kids loving receiving and sending mail.  Have them send a “recycled” postcard in honor of Earth Day to Grandma and Grandpa.  Or tie a pack of them with some ribbon or twine to give as a gift.

cereal box postcards

Here are some of my favorites…

“Amazingly Smooth” Dr. Pepper Postcard

Dr. pepper postcard

“Honey Bunches” Postcard

honey bunches of oats postcard

“Mr. Pringles” Postcard


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