Magazine Rack Refab

I have been looking for a magazine rack to hold all the free (Yes...I SAID FREEE!!! ) magazines I get…Family Fun, Better Homes & Gardens, Parenting, Martha Stewart Living, Ready Made and now thanks to Lindsay –House Beautiful!

I haven’t seen any magazine racks at yard sales or Craigslist that were in my price range.

Last week there was an add for a magazine holder at Value City for $6.99. I thought it was cute so I went and got it.

And then I find this…

isn’t that how it always happens?!?!

and I could resist it with a price tag that said this…

I bargained and got it for $.10. TOTALLY KIDDING PEOPLE!!! I am cheap but not that bad…hee hee!

I saw that he had potential. Yes… I decided my magazine rack would be male this time.

Guess what I got out???? Yep, you guessed it…American Accent’s Canyon Black Spray Paint! I had some in my garage from a different project.

Side note: Mattress Firm was selling body pillows a while back for $2. I snagged three of them. However they were major weak sauce when it came to how plush it was. So I opened them all up and put all the stuffing into one and sewed it back up. And then I thought….hmmm…I kinda like the fabric that these body pillows were encased in. I think I will save it.

It was a turqouise faux suede with a square pattern. I deconstructed the fabric sides and remade new ones with the fabric.

Beckie likey.