Living Close to Family. . . Priceless.

One of the greatest things I love about living in Indiana is that I am a car-ride away from any one of my family members. We are waiting for Isaac to wake up from his nap and we are heading to Ohio for the night to see my dad. He lives in Beavercreek right outside of Dayton, about a 2-hour car ride. Isn’t that just wonderful? As much as we loved living on the West Coast, and I could spend a whole blog on the things and people we miss, you really can’t put a pricetag on living close to family. Here is a picture of my Isaac and his Papa at Thanksgiving last year.

Then for Thanksgiving we are heading to Michigan to spend it with Tim’s extended family. For Tim’s 30th birthday his parents got him, his dad, his brother and his sister-in-law tickets to the Thanksgivng Day Detroit Lions vs. Packers game. That was one of his “life goals.” He grew up watching the game with his brother and his dad and thought it would be so cool to go together. They got AWESOME seats so he is pumped about that. Tim is a closet Lions fan. But now we are living in CRAZY COLT country. And boy do they take their Colts seriously. So Tim doesn’t say too loudly who he roots for. Another dream of his is to go to the Michigan vs. Ohio state game. Maybe next year. GO LIONS!