A little granola, a little bling!

Well we had our first snowfall. I know I am not mentally prepared for the cold this winter. You would think growing up in Chicago that this weather would seem like home but I lived on the West Coast for 8 years. I loved the Indiana summer. The sun seemed to be out all day everday. . . at least it seemed that way moving from the Northwest. I went to bible study the other day and it seemed like everyone was wearing cute knitted scarves, fur collared coats and Ugg boots. Here I walk in with my Columbia jacket and Nike’s. I think my wardrobe needs a little switch from the Northwest. They are going to think I am a granola girl with my Columbia jacket and Nikes. Although I don’t see myself as an Ugg boot kind of girl. What is a girl to do? LOL!

On the artsy side. . . been working on soldered ornaments, beaded fringe bracelets, nothing new at the moment. I have a few things up my sleeve I want to try but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

The other day I ordered a bracelet (screaming deal of course) from Coldwater Creek for a Christmas present. I was so delighted when it arrived. I ripped open the packaging tape and found this adorable lime green bracelet box.

Anxiously anticipating my screaming deal I opened up the box and this is what I found. . .

I was laughing so hard. Here they spend their money (because I got free shipping) to ship me an empty bracelet box and then I called them and they were wonderful about overnighting me a new bracelet. The bracelet was originally $59 and I got it on clearance for $9.99 so I am pretty sure they lost money on that one. Poor Coldwater Creek.

It was actually perfect. I made a beaded fringe bracelet for my Grandma and didn’t have a cute box to put it in. Coldwater Creek took care of that for me. But the box said Coldwater Creek on it. Nothing a little decorative paper, ribbon and decoupage medium can’t handle.

Now I look at the other plain lime green box and it is begging for a little bling. “We’ll see little one, we’ll see,” I say.