Little Blessing from Above

We proudly announce the birth of our daughter Kayla Elizabeth. She was born January 19th at 6:27 a.m. weighing in at 7 lbs 8 ounces and 19 3/4 inches.

Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes. Thanks to many of you who came out of “lurkerville” you really made this gal feel good.


  1. I’m new to your blog, thank you for sharing! Kayla is sooo beautiful!! Girl you look great for just having a baby!! Your hubby and son look so proud! Thanks for sharing, get rest and enjoy your precious little miracle!

  2. Congrats! Get some rest and then hurry back to blogging…haha…no, we’ll cut you some slack though. I enjoyed project month while it lasted! You were on a serious roll! Get some much needed rest and give your family all your attention…we’ll be here when you get back. πŸ™‚ Congrats again!

  3. Aaawwww, she’s a beauty, just like her mom! Your 2nd best project to date!

    Best wishes, I hope you recuperate quickly.


  4. Duncan & Suzanne says


  5. Duncan & Suzanne says


  6. Duncan & Suzanne says


  7. Duncan & Suzanne says


  8. congrats, beckie–she is beautiful!

  9. oooooooohhhhh! Melt my heart. What a princess already! Congrats.

  10. bloggin' Chrystal says

    She’s a beauty! What a great looking family! Congratulations…and now sleep when you can.

  11. Congratulations!! She is beautiful, a beautiful name too! Our fourth daughter is Kara Elizabeth πŸ™‚

  12. Congratulations! Kayla is beautiful and what a blessing to finally have her here even if it means all your faithful readers will have to wait for more wonderful projects. You are one talented lady and it’s neat to see the way you use the talents God has given you. Thanks for inspiring me!

  13. Oooooo…she’s so precious! Congrats again and again!

  14. Congratulations~
    She is beautiful!!
    Its been fun wondering when you were going to be able to post this special day!!


  15. She is absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations!

  16. What a sweet family you are!


  17. Yeah! Can’t wait to meet her in person! You all look beautiful in your new family shot too!

  18. Ryan and Amy says

    What a beauty!!! We are so excited to meet Kayla. I saw a little twinkle in Noah’s eye when he saw her…looks like LOVE! πŸ™‚ Congratulations again…we love you guys.

  19. Amanda Alvis says

    You look gorgeous! I can’t wait to meet the new Farrant edition! Your tea is all ready! I have your pads as well :.) Happy healing!

  20. I wanna hooooooold her!!!!!
    I want one too!

  21. Missie Krissie says

    Oh wow, fantastic! Welcome Kayla! Wait til you see you beautiful room! πŸ™‚

  22. She is beautiful. Big Brother looks pretty happy about the new member of the family.

  23. Candy Graber says

    She is beautiful! Congratulations! I’m loving my new little girl, she turned 3 weeks old today!

  24. Awww lookie that, a full head of hair for all the “pretties” momma made for her hair πŸ˜€ Good call!

    p.s Steph was happy to hear that you had a baby girl as planned instead of a surprise baby boy after all the girl prep you did!

  25. Shelley Fuge says

    Oh my goodness!!! She’s beautiful!!! Congratulations. Share the birth story when you can. You’re making me excited about having my little girl!! Only 3 more months!! πŸ™‚ Have fun, get some rest, and we’ll see you at MTO one day when you’re ready!

  26. Shelley a.k.a. Momma says

    Congratulations! She is gorgeous!!

  27. Many blessings to you and your little bundle. Your little boy is a handsome one…and Daddy looks over the moon. Take care of yourself and enjoy every moment with your little people.


  28. Can I come hold her? She’s beautiful!

  29. Congratulations – you have a beautiful family. Hope you get a good night of sleep tonight before she figures out the “I’m hungry every hour” feeding frenzy tomorrow night! I know you must be exhausted after a night of labor – those early morning birthdays are tough – you live on endorphins all day and then hit a wall – all I will say is sleep when you can tonight and tomorrow day cuz you will be busy on night number 2! Also, don’t you just love her birthday??! 1-19-09 – there’s a pattern there, I’m just sure of it. You done good!

  30. Well she is just stink’n succulent! Nice work!

  31. Sarah in WA says

    Congratulations on your sweet little princess!! I can’t remember how I first came across your blog (maybe from Trish’s?), but your frugal creativity is amazing and inspiring!! Enjoy your sweet baby girl!

  32. mer@lifeat7000feet says


    I clicked over here to tell you that I linked to your shrinky dink post (again!) and saw your wonderful news.


  33. jlchristblog says

    congrats!!! she is beautiful!

  34. congratulations! She is beautiful

  35. The Ousdahls says

    Congratulations!! Kayla is beautiful. I love your first family picture of the 4 of you. Enjoy your new little daughter.

    Much Love,


  36. Congratulations!!

  37. frillsfluffandtrucks says

    Ohhhhh, congratulations!!! She is gorgeous!! πŸ™‚ Enjoy your snuggles with a newborn and take lots of deep breaths…there is no scent on earth like that of a newborn baby.

    ~ Sarah

  38. Beautiful baby……she is totally gorgeous!

  39. congrats you guys! that photo of the four of you makes me think of me and my family! enjoy your kiddos – they grow way too fast.

  40. Grateful Gramma says

    What a beauty! Congratulations!

  41. Yay!! Wlcome sweet baby Kayla!

    Congrats to you all.

  42. Mom in High Heels says

    Congratulations!!!! Is that red hair I see? She is beautiful.

  43. QUE LINDA, HOW CUTE…that was Susana´s response. She is beautiful! Congrats!! How is Tim doing with his little girl? I am sure GREAT! How can he resist!

  44. Lurker here! Congratulations!!!! She is beautiful!
    By the way, could you tell me how you painted your bath cabinets?
    Have a wonderful time with your baby girl!

  45. She’s a beauty!

  46. Yay! You are officially a family of 4! I bet it feels so good to have that girl in your arms, Beckie! Congratulations!!

  47. Congrats! She’s beautiful!

  48. Making a House a Home says

    Congratulations! She is gorgeous!!!

  49. Congratulations Beckie! She’s beautiful! I hope your family is enjoying your first days with your newest addition!

  50. Congrats Beckie: you have a beautiful family !!!!

  51. BTW, I used to comment but you never noticed me so I stopped commenting (maily because I thought you were not interested … ) but kept following your life from behind my screen πŸ˜‰

  52. congratulations!!! What a gorgeous baby girl!!!

  53. Yes, I like you:) Congratulations and praise God for precious Kayla Elizabeth. Love the pink hat! Taylor says she’s Isaac baby – what a proud big brother and you and Tim are both beaming! Kayla will look beautiful in her new room too. She is so blessed to be in your family. I can’t wait to meet her. I guess I’ll see ya Friday at MTO – ha ha. Rest and enjoy.

  54. yaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!! she really IS a girl…whew. you can breathe your sigh of relief now.

    congratulations on your little beauty…i can’t wait to meet her.

    love you and can’t wait to hear all about the labor. =)

  55. Congratulations!!! I know you are so excited she is finally here! Can’t wait to meet her! She’s beautiful! Great family picture, you all look so happy!

  56. Congratulations!! Kayla is beautiful and you look great! What a good picture of you all.

  57. Congratulations on your beautiful daughter! I really enjoy your blog. Thank you for letting me “lurk”!!

  58. Project well done! Get some rest when you can. Congratulations-

  59. Happy Momma says

    Congratulations! Best project yet! She is beautiful and so is your family!

  60. Michelle P says

    Congrats! Wish we could be there to wish you well in person! You will love having a little girl!!

  61. Welcome little angel!!!!!!!!

  62. Rachel Odgers says

    Congratulations Beck!!! She is soooo beautiful, I’ve been dying to see pictures, and I heard she was on your blog, so I wanted to make sure to see her! If you need anything call and I hope to meet your little princess!! Love, Rach

  63. Jennifer Anderson says

    She’s beautiful!

  64. You and tim make some c-u-t-e babies!! Nice work, Momma, she’s beautiful!!

    And, you’re so on top of things getting a blog post done already! πŸ™‚

  65. So glad Kayla is here!

    Go take a nap, Beck. Love you.

  66. Yay! Congrats! She’s so cute and PINK!

  67. What a beautiful family! Congratulations to you all!

  68. WooHoooo! You did it! Congratulations! She is perfect.
    We will continue to pray for you guys. My five year old daughter is going to be so excited when she gets home from school. She has been waiting to see pictures of Kayla. She is such a little momma.

  69. Mabry's gamma says


    Congratulations! She is adorable and looks like your son is taking on the role of big brother proudly.

    After things slow down I am sure we will all be waiting for you to get back to blogging and showing us precious pics.

  70. She is beautiful!!! Congrats!!

  71. Congrats! I’m new to your blog, just found it today! Thanks for sharing pics of your adorable new baby girl! I hope to stop by often!

  72. Singing4Him says

    Good job, Beckie! ..and Tim too, I guess… πŸ˜‰ She's gorgeous!!!

    Welcome to our world, Kayla! How's Isaac handling life as a big brother??

    Much love,
    Dana & crew

  73. Janell's blog says

    I loved all your projects and will be sad while you take a break to get Kayla adjusted to life outside. :o) She is definitely a keeper! Think she’ll have red hair? Congratulations!!!!

    Love you guys!!
    Zippy, Nellie, Miesha, and baby bean

  74. Congratulations on the arrival of your daughter Kayla. Look at thoses precious cheeks! She shares the birthday of a wonderful man (I am a bit biased)…Agler.

  75. Thanks so much for leaving the comment on my blog yesterday. I, like you, love to get comments. Sorry about the number of blogs. Three of them are letters to my children and husband. It has become very important for me to write to them so if anything happens to me, they will know me and know how much I loved them.
    Brandy πŸ™‚

  76. congratulations!!!!!

  77. She’s beautiful. She already looks like her big brother. Love the pics of them together.

  78. long time reader but first time posting- just wanted to say congrats on the baby girl. she is beautiful.

  79. Congratulations! She’s gorgeous. I can totally relate to the awesome boobs and the saggy bottom half. I feel the same way (still!) only now my awesome boobs are gone. (sniff, sniff) SO worth it though! πŸ™‚

  80. Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl.

  81. erin {tvp} says

    she is gorgeous, congrats!

    and you look fab for having just had a baby!!!

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