A Little Bit of Candy

Last time I went to visit my dad in Milford, Michigan I went window shopping.  Milford has such a quaint little downtown area.  My absolute favorite store there is called Your Nesting Place.  They have unique furniture, bright colors, and different patterns mixed together.  

The furniture there is absolutely drooling worthy. Here’s a little candy for you…





I really want to make this adorable pillow with some funky bright fabrics.


If you have been around my place for a while then you will remember this desk I found on the side of the road back in August.

IMG_0084Well it has just been taking up space undecorated and ugly in my guest bedroom. I am thinking I have found the perfect inspiration for it, don’t you?  I think another Roadkill Rescue Party is in order.  It will be motivation to get this piece done.

The new button is on my sidebar.  I would love for you to grab it and blind out your blog.

For those IC newbies click here and here to see what the Roadkill Rescue party is all about.

So find some trash, bling it out, and come back here February 25th to show it off. 

P.S.  For those of you who have a business or Etsy shop who would like some free exposure and want to donate to the Roadkill Rescue prize pack please email me at tnbfarrant@yahoo.com