Little Bird Lamp

Now that the end table is in place I needed a little lamp to light the area.  I looked at yard sales and Goodwill and didn’t find anything small enough.  When I went to my mom’s house last week I asked her if she had a spare lamp.  My mom is the queen of lamps, clocks and end tables…I should have started with her first!  She said, “Go into my bedroom – there is one on the dresser you can have.”  Well I went into the bedroom and there were four lamps sitting on the dresser one of which was this…

IMG_0312 I wasn’t crazy about the cardinal but it was the right size and perfect for the little end table.  And I do loves birdies lately. The first thing I asked was “You don’t want it back right?”  And she immediately asked, “Why are you going to paint it?”

Well of course!IMG_0313

Dutch Boy had sent me some paint to review.  It is part of their Refresh Line which has low VOC’s.  I had the color Lake Champlain in my paint sprayer (I will show you that project soon!) so after I primered it I sprayed the entire base.IMG_0320 I very much love this color but it needed some more shading to make it look more regal.  So I used some turquoise Rub N’ Buff and rubbed it all over.  Perfect!IMG_0321 IMG_0323The paint was a little dull for my liking so I gave it a very light spritz of some of Krylon’s Clear Crystal Glaze.IMG_0324


I loves it!  Isn’t it adorable??? Here is a shot of it all lit up.

IMG_0351 IMG_0354 Are you in love with this space yet?  I have one more thing to do and then I think it will be perfect!