Lighted Fabric Rag Garland

This lighted rag garland is fun on a mantel, in a playroom, or draped over a loft bed like I did for my daughter’s room.  It is painfully easy to make – no special crafting superpowers needed. PHEW! My friend Heather had a craft day at her house some weeks ago and we all made one of these.  It was fun to see all the different garlands in the end.

fabric garland lighted DIY


Strand of light or just jute rope

1/3 yard of 8 different fabrics – I used the Country Solids and the Symphony Broadcloth at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store in the colors I liked

Note: the Broadcloth has more fray so be prepared to cut loose threads.  The Country Solids rip nicely and was my favorite to work with but it is a little more expensive


1.  Start by cutting 1/2” snips along the short edge of your fabric.  The snip allows you to rip 1/2” wide fabric widths giving it a nice frayed edge.  Cut the 45” strips into fourths (roughly 11” or so).  Do that with all your fabric and then separate the colors into different colored piles.  It makes it easier for the next step if they are semi-organized.

fabric for rag garland

strips of fabric for rag garland

rag garland strips

2.  Tie your fabric around your light strand or jute rope.  I tied mine in a knot so it wouldn’t come loose.

rag garland tutorial

rag garland

3.  You can make it as full as you want.  I like mine as full as it can get so I tied as many pieces of fabric that would fit between the light bulbs as would fit.

how to make a rag garland

lighted rag garland

4.  Alternate colors until your garland is as long as you want it to be.

how to make a lighted rag garland

5  Hang your garland in place.  I tucked the excess cord underneath the mattress and only added bulbs on the garland.

lighted rag garland DIY

farbic strip garland

It is so fun in my daughter’s room.  I love the ambience at night with the garland all lit up.

fabric garland with lights

fabric garland lighted

rag garland

To see how fabulous the garland tied into her room’s decor check out the full reveal of my daughter’s bedroom here!

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