Lego Ninjago Birthday Party

Oh my! I am still worn out from my son’s 6th birthday party last Friday night.  The party was the easy part…the planning and prep will kill a person!  This is what I learned about myself…I do not like baking.  Decorating cookies and cupcakes are my worse nightmare…remind me to hire that out next time.  But the party was a huge success and it looked amazing thanks to the printable ninja set from Debbie from Wants and Wishes Design. I found her party online and knew it would be the perfect copying exactly jumping off point for Isaac’s 6th Lego Ninjago birthday party.


Except for the baking part – I really enjoyed piecing this party together.  As you can see from Debbie’s pictures I pretty much emulated everything she did.  I loved all the little details she put into designing this printable.  And let me tell you…printables make a party!  It is so easy and creates such a beautiful design and theme for your party.


And the star of the show helped make it pretty great too…


Using images I found on the internet I created this invitation.  Not bad for someone who knows nothing about design.

ninjago invite

Party Details:

Ninjago T-shirt – Kohls

1l b. Lego Candy – Amazon

Lego Candy Mold – Amazon


The ninja stars were part of the printable package from Wants and Wishes Designs.  I just piped on red Wilton candy melts onto wax paper with the ninja outline underneath to use as a pattern.  The little lego figures were from the above linked mold with different colors of Wilton candy melts as well.  Tip: Use the Wilton Squeeze Bottle to fill the mold and pipe the stars.



As a take away from the party (in addition to their piñata candy) each child received five mini chocolate legos.


I used the leftover Wilton candy melts and melted them onto Mike Sells popcorn puffs to make some “Firecracker Crunch.”


The chocolate covered pretzel nunchucks were made dipping pretzel rods into chocolate bark and sticking a Twizzler Pull & Peel into the wet chocolate on the top.  Then I used two strands of the Twizzlers to tie a printable tag around them.


Then I just used the rest of the printables to add pizzazz to the table.




And of course we can’t have a birthday party in the Farrant household without a themed homemade paper bag pinata.paperbag_pinata_2

Isaac had a blast and kept saying all weekend “I wish we could do my party all over again.”


And here is Kayla and Isaac practicing their new Lego Ninjago moves.


Do you want more Lego ideas?  Check out this Lego Lamp from one of my contributors.


Disclosure: I received the Lego Ninjago Printables for free in exchange for mentioning Wants & Wishes Designs in my post.


  1. What an awesome party idea Beckie! My boys are obsessed with Ninjagos, so I’m pinning this for next year. It’s too bad we can’t get together and tag team–I love the baking part, but I stress over the decorating. LOL!

  2. that looks awesome! sawyer would love that!

  3. My 6 year old daughter loves these little Ninjago Legos! I am going to have to do this for her next birthday! Thank you!

  4. Now THAT is awesome. My son, who is 10, is at that stage where everything is “chill” and he is too old for parties…but reality is that the minute he saw a party like this, he would get all giddy and act like he was 5 once again. What a great momma you are!

  5. Awesome! We did a Ninja party (because my 5 year old is ALSO obsessed with Ninjago) this weekend too! Haven’t had the energy to post my photos yet. Love all your details!

  6. did you decorate the ninja cookies? I like how they’re sitting in rice haha

  7. Debbie@ Wants and Wishes says

    Beckie you did a fabulous job! I’m like Kara….. I LOVE the baking part! The part that is hard for me is the photography. lol I’m glad every enjoyed the party and that I could help you with the printables!

  8. Becca Willard says

    Thank you so much for sharing this awesome party! My son recently decided he wants a Ninjago party and I was trying to figure out what to do, and once again you save the day! My son will be so happy!

  9. Kathleen G. says

    Fantastic ideas! You are so creative! I bet you kids and their friends loved every thing about it!

  10. For a moment I was like, “They live on Spinmaster Lane, what are the odds of that?!” I really need to stop staying up late watching The Real Housewives of Wherever!

  11. My son would love a lego ninjago party. Your food and decorations look great, but what did the kids do during the party?

  12. Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day. Mine was great!

    I am new to this blogging stuff. A blog I read alot nominated me for the “Versatile Blogger award”. I had to choose 15 blogs that I discovered and follow often. Yours was on the top of my list. Please go check it out!

    I know you are probably very very busy and I just wanted those blogs that inspire me so much to know that I appreciate all their hard work and thank them for teaching me so much!

  13. What an awesome party, Beckie! So well put together. 🙂

  14. This turned out so cute! Love it. I too get so wrapped up in parties and details that probably only matter to me.

  15. TERRIFFIC Party!!!! Now is it sad that out of all that eye candy as soon as I heard “Mike Sells” my mouth started watering! I miss Mike Sells! We can’t get it hear in Virginia! Boohoo! I bet the birthday boy absolutely LOVEd his party. Just be careful, after a supremely cool 5th Birthday that was Pirate themed, it’s been hard to rein in the parties from getting bigger and bigger! LOL says the woman who’d throwing a HUGE Harry Potter Bash this weekend!

    • Yikes…if it gets bigger than this one I might die. Totally not my forte. I can spray paint the crap out of anything but I think i will leave party planning to the experts. HA!

  16. I love this! My son is a HUGE Ninjago fan. I can potentially see his 6th birthday being a Ninjago one. I am pinning this and I will be borrowing a bunch of your ideas if that is what he wants. Everything turned out fantastic!

  17. I’m just now seeing this. It turned out so cute. I love the throwing stars on the cupcakes and the chocolate covered pretzel nun chucks. Awesome! It’s little details like that, that make a great party. I also wanna try your paper bag pinniatta. Love it all.

  18. Oh, wow! I love this! Every little detail is so fabulous…I think the nunchucks might be my favorite. Lol. Looks like your son loved it, and it’s no wonder! I’m so glad you shared this link with me!

    amy from one artsy mama

  19. Love this! I stubbled across your post as I am in the midst of planning my own Isaac’s 4th Birthday Ninjago Style. Great job! Love the Nunchucks!

  20. Hello, I love those invitations. Are you producing them? I would like to order some. Thanks

  21. Hello, Everything looks awesome! Can you please tell me where did you, purchased the birthday banner & the back drop behind the table? or did you make them? Thank you for your time!

    • The backdrop was my curtains. If you read the whole post you can get the link for the banner from wants & Wishes Designs.

      • Hello, Sorry to bother you again! I meant the backdrop over the curtains! The white panel with the black chinese symbol?
        Did you purchased them or make! Thank you so much for sharing!

  22. Melissa Llaury says

    Hi Beckie,

    I just bought the printables from Wants & Wishes at Etsy, I have the same problem as you do, the baking. I just ordered the cupcakes at a local grocery store but I really want to do the stars. I saw you explained everything up there on your tutorial. So here I go….print the label from the package, do you print it out on a regular paper? After that you place the paper under the wax paper and trace with it the Wilton Squeeze Bottle to fill in the mold? How long did you waited to dry? Sorry for so many questions, I’m a bit over stressed :/ I hope I can hear from you soon.



    • Oh how fun! It really is pretty weary. I would print it out on regular paper and then put wax paper over it. Then I’d outline it with the squeeze bottle and then fill it in. It takes maybe 30 minutes for them to dry. Let me know how it works out.

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